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Facebook and Me 😉

Social media these days had been really a part of everyone\’s life. Almost, if not all has a social media account. Be it Instagram, Twitter, or the must have Facebook. And there are more too. But I guess these are the basics.

Every social media has its purpose or function. Instagram is most likely to be a photo or video sharing app. Twitter is about sharing thoughts and ideas by tweeting. While Facebook seems to sum up everything. You can share photos, videos and your thoughts. All these three has the capability to follow and send direct messages. But it\’s only in Facebook that you can add friends.

Being friends mean you can see the posts, send messages, or video call each other. You can also post and comment on your friend\’s wall. Hmmm.. What are the other privileges of being friends though? 🤔😁

And among these three, I guess Facebook has more users than the other two. Why? It\’s more convenient for people in all ages, races, and walks of life. Plus some is using this to earn extra money. How? Through sharing videos or posts which may reach millions of people and then ads will start to appear wherein money can be earned.

Anyhow, like any other thing, there are pros and cons, positive and negative effect. But whatever it is, let\’s learn to use it wisely. 😉

So today, I will be sharing my OWN story with Facebook specifically. Since Instagram has just been basically for sharing photos & videos and Twitter has just been for some random thoughts. Facebook has deeper attachment though. Haha

That\’s why last June I decided to lie low or lessen the use of Facebook. I had a few days hiatus before started opening & posting again. But why?

Here are my reasons. 👇👇👇


I posted in Facebook expecting for some appreciation and turns out for validation. When I post a quote or photo, I would check if people has reacted or commented. If I get likes or hearts. Or maybe not even one. It makes me happy to see more than 50 but it makes me sad if there is just less than 10. And so, I really chose to post something that I guess would make people like it and reacted. I based there my judgment if people like me or not. And if not, it would result to #2.


Since there are less or none reacted on my post, I would get disappointed. I would ask myself if what I did not do right. If why people seems not to like me. Is it just my post or is it me personally. It saddens me to think that people seems are not supporting me. With almost a thousand of friends I have (after unfriending some), I hardly get reactions and support. And when I checked other people\’s post then they got hundreds of reactions, I would feel #3.


I would think within myself that good for them people supported them. Good for them they\’re likeable. Good for them they know how to post right. And aside from that, seeing other people posts then it seems they have better life, more comfortable, more happy – I became envious again. I would wish to have the same life. As I became envious, I became unappreciative too. I tend to miss and overlook the blessings that I have. I became ungrateful and uncontented. And that would basically make you unhappy. Though I felt envious at others, I still is being thought as #4.


And as much as I don\’t mean it that way, people might think I\’m being show off when I posted photos like my travel or when I ate something delicious. They themselves could misjudge and misunderstand me. And I got this a lot of times. People would think I\’m lying on a bed of money when they would tell you oh! Money is not your problem. You have plenty of that. Just because they saw you travel. Well, for a fact, I saved for my travel. If I got broke, I would ask from my mother. I don\’t want to hassle other people because I travel. Maybe that\’s why they thought I have lots of money when in fact it\’s the opposite. And I guess, that\’s similar with others. Not just because of travel. People sometimes misunderstood us based on the what we posted. Some may think we have a perfect happy life when in fact it\’s been miserable. Just because they saw us a happy photo or post.

Maybe my point here is let\’s not judge others just based on what they posted. It\’s not good to judge others. The more when we don\’t know what they\’ve been through. And if we don\’t know what\’s #5.


Since many are in social media, particularly in Facebook wherein you can post whatever you want, that\’s why sometimes you get confused on what\’s fact or fake. There are people who are good in posting fake news, rumors, myths or whatever you call it. Some would gullible enough to believe everything they read without validating its authenticity. Some are good in posting lies but bad in telling the truth. So, you gotta need to be sure and determine what to believe and what to ignore. Coz if you keep on believing everything, then it mind it up to #6.


I\’m not sure if you noticed it, but sometimes Facebook can be chaotic especially when people are spreading lies. Aside from the lies, there are also different issues raised and discussed in this platform. From the pandemic to TV franchise renewal to celebrities and even to personal issues. People will then give their own opinions. Each opinion may differ from one another that could lead to arguments. Arguments that could not remain just about the topic but would sometimes go more personal. Until people start saying hurtful and bad words. Until people start unfollowing or unfriending each other.

I\’m not sure why. But maybe because some of us wanted the world to know we are right, we are intelligent. Some of us wanted to be heard. Unfortunately, only few wanted to listen and to really assess things & choose the truth.

But know what, Facebook could be a good platform to discuss things especially issues that can help the community. However, we all need to be open minded. We need to learn to listen for other\’s opinion and all sides of the story. We need to assess what\’s really is the truth.

Until then we can avoid throwing tantrums and words that cannot be taken back and yet already hurt and leave a scar to others. That\’s why we need to remember to think before we click. Because sometimes, we can still delete post or comments. But we can no longer delete the impact it has to others.

Being in hiatus from Facebook for me was hard in the beginning. It is because I had been used to it. Every day, every hour I guess, I checked my Facebook. Every day I posted something in it.

But it takes some determination to change the game. I transferred my app in another folder which I rarely opened. I logged out my account and chose the other one that I rarely used. I tried other activity like watching videos. And little by little, it worked.

I didn\’t open my app. I didn\’t post anything except those stories connected to my Instagram. I didn\’t comment or check someone\’s post. I didn\’t even know what\’s happening because I am outdated.

In one way or another, it made my life less toxic. I eliminated disappointment, envious, and the want to be validated or appreciated. Though I posted stuff in Instagram but I don\’t care if I got less reactions.

However, I did not totally deactivated my account. Why?

For these 3 reasons:


I created a Facebook page for my blog site. So everytime I posted something here, I will share it in my FB Page for other\’s awareness. Though I\’m not sure if people would still check it if I shared it but I\’m fine with that. Since I write to share my story. I write to share what\’s on my mind. And I will be grateful for everyone taking their time reading it (like you 😁). But I will not force nor get disappointed if no one will react or comment.


As what I previously mentioned, I didn\’t check other people\’s post or whatnot. And that\’s true. But I used my Facebook account to get more information and to attend live streaming. Live streaming for me these days means attending online mass. More information means details that I can find on Facebook pages. For example, list of promo for a skin clinic and the details are posted in their page. Or for more details about a restaurant. Basically, stuff like that.


I still use Facebook to post my birthday greetings to some close people. Though I\’m no longer like before who greeted everyone in my notification. Now, I just chose those who are close. Also, Facebook is a way to communicate and connect with my family especially this time when we cannot go home yet. We would mostly do video call. And lately, I started posting few photo and commenting few friend\’s posts. But definitely, it will never be like before again.

I just want to get connected with them especially this time wherein life is really unpredictable and uncertain.

So yeah! Here are my pros and cons, positive and negative. But this is on me. Whatever works for me might not for others. Whatever is good for me might not for you. My story is based on my experience and that could not be for others.

Instead of criticizing others, let us try to open our mind and understand each other. After all, we don\’t have the power to know what other\’s think or do.

And also, let\’s start to make the world a better place to live by starting to spread good vibes rather than hate. 😉

Take care! 😊