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Falling in love with Hospital Playlist

Somebody recommended to me last year to watch Hospital Playlist because it is an amazing Korean Drama. However, I did not watch it because I am not into hospital stories. I love detective stories more. πŸ˜…

However after listening to there OSTs a couple of times, I got to like them especially Aloha & Me to you, You to me. Since I am not watching any series anymore, I gave it a try. And well, I fell in love with it. In fact, I can\’t wait for Season 2.πŸ˜‰

Hospital Playlist is a story of 5 people who became friends since their pre medical school days until now that they are known and skilled surgeons. Lee Ik-jun is a General Surgeon, Ahn Jeong-won is a Pediatric Surgeon, Kim Jun-wan is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Yang Seok-hyeong is an OB Gynecologist, and lastly the only woman, Cha Song-hwa is a Neurosurgeon.

What this series made me fell in love and amazed?


In the first scene of the first episode, it shown the hospital. It was called Yulje Medical Center (율제 병원). It looks more of a luxurious shopping center than a hospital. It looks so new, covered with glasses all around. It looks so clean, so amazing. It is definitely looks like a first class hospital.

I found out later that it is the Ewha Woman\’s University Seoul Hospital. It is also featured in other dramas and won awards.


The storyline covers the life of any medical personnel, friendship, relationship, family. I like how light the story is. It does not have any heavy issues like politics or bad people. Literally bad people that would kill for their own sake. It is totally light but you will get hook with it. And when you came to the last episode, it really calls for another season.

Any medical people or even normal people like me would learn a lesson or two about medical stuff.


Since the story covers surgeons, it obviously would feature a lot about medical and the hospital. But the more you watched it, the more you will feel how hard it is for these medical personnel especially doctors and nurses.

They will always put the patients\’ life first or in priority before their own. They would skip meals or have late meals. They would even have sleepless nights or even have an interrupted nights. When they are out with friends, they will be called anytime. They have to keep on learning. They need to study the chart of theor patients. They need to run if their is in critical state. They are always on call. They need to perform surgeries in hours. Some would take 2 hours and some would even extend to almost 20 hours. That long, they will be in the Operating Room, doing everything to save their patient.

But the hardest thing I guess for every doctors is to not be emotional. They are still humans but they will have to stay strong. Most especially when their patient will die. When their patient is in critical condition. They have to comfort their patients\’ family too.

But the best thing would be seeing their patients getting well and doing fine again.

Yet I was thinking, if this drama is showing how crazy it gets in the hospital when there\’s emergency or critical patient, how much more it gets crazier now that the world is attacked with the virus.


There are a lot of emergency or health concerns everyday that a hospital or a doctor would attend to. But due to this, doctors would have no more time to attend to themselves.

This would teach us to be healthy. To do our best to be healthy. Because if it is hard and inconvenient for us to be in the hospital, it is harder for these medical personnel.


I love how strong the friendship of the 5 surgeons. They have been friends since 1999 and 20 years later, they still stick together. They open up everything with each other. They comfort each other. They even are like family with each other\’s family.

A kind of friendship that everyone should have. How 5 different types of people clicked together and how they understand each other. That\’s very amazing. 😁


Well, the drama also tackles about relationship. With colleagues, with partners and with family. Whatever kind of relationship you are in, there will be sometimes an issue. It does not have to be huge but it is not always perfectly fine.

Colleagues could have issues on how they handle the patients. Or if one colleague is slacking off. Partners could have issue with their relationship especially on how busy a doctor is. But some partner would cheat too. Some would stay loyal and true to each other. And lastly, family. Issues with family would include losing a loved one, a cheating husband, a sick mother, a son who wants to be a priest but you\’re all against it. Lastly a friend that likes his friend but wasn\’t able to say it because he\’s afraid things will be awkward. A subordinate that likes the professor and opened up about it but got rejected.


Well… As I mentioned earlier, I came to watch this because of the OST. πŸ˜…

They really do have wonderful songs with wonderful meanings and rhythm. It is very catching and it can make you have Last Song Syndrome. ☺️

And what\’s nice also with the drama is that they have introduce different songs every time. Since these 5 friends are good with music, they formed a band and they would practice when they have time. And they are all so good. Check out Mido & Falasol. πŸ₯°


I think the success of this drama is also because of the characters or the casts. They are really well fitted to their characters. They did an excellent job to give justice and make their characters into what it should be. It could catch and connect the viewers.

Whom I love the most is Lee Woo Joo (이우주), the son of Lee Ik-jun (이읡쀀). I even screenshot him. 😁

If you haven\’t watch Hospital Playlist, try watching it now. You won\’t be wasting your time. You will surely get on hook. And you will really really really want the Season 2 to be aired already. I can\’t wait to watch it. 😍

Update: Season 2 will air starting June 17. Can\’t wait! 😁