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Ging-Ging Hotel and Resort, Oslob

We were looking for a place to stay for our Round South on January 1st.

I did my usual process whenever I\’m looking for an accommodation. Check in Agoda, read reviews, check the price, and if everything is positive, book it.

And so, I found Ging-Ging Hotel and Resort. Contacted them through Facebook Messenger and they were very responsive. They provided information and responded to our queries.

Though it took a few days before we finally booked it because we need to get the opinion of the majority and I also want to be sure that we won\’t regret booking the accommodation. Especially because we are at all ages from kids to adults.

And once we finally decided to book it, I booked it through Agoda. Since I don\’t have to shell out cash and I could get a few points. 😅

Then the day has arrived. It\’s time to go to the resort and check if everything in the review & the photos are really true.

How to get there

It is located in Oslob, Cebu. That is almost the southernmost tip of Cebu Province. From Cebu City, it took us 4 hours or so to reach the resort. We were taking private cars. The resort is very easy to locate as it is along the national road before reaching the town proper.

If you opt to commute, you can take the Ceres Bus with route of Bato via Oslob. Tell the conductor that you are getting off in the resort.

Checking in during the new normal

The resort has limitation in terms of the number of guests in a day. So it is better to book in advance to confirm your room. Upon arriving, the Security Guard will take your temperature and ask you to write your details in their logbook for contact tracing.

Once your room is ready for the check in, the staff will take your belongings (luggages or backpacks) and place inside the Disinfection Room for disinfection. And then you can head to your room.

If you arrive earlier than the Check in Time, you can stay in the tables near the pool area. You can also use the pool or go in the beach.

Comfortable Stay

We were separated in 3 rooms. Our room (with my sister and cousins) is in the 2nd floor. It is bigger than the other two rooms. We have a mini refrigator where we stored the meat we brought. There is a table and chairs outside the room where you can sit, relax and watch the ocean or the pool. There are 2 Queen Beds enough to accommodate us 4. There is a Cable TV where we watched some Korean shows. 😅

The toilet and bathroom are separated. The room is clean and really a comfortable place to rest and stay. And oh! It is near to the stairs going to the rooftop.

What to do

The resort has 2 swimming pools. The one near the reception area is bigger compared to the one at the back. The one in the front has deep from 3ft to 5ft while the other one is 5ft with 2 jacuzzi-like areas.

There is a beach too. Though it is not a fine sand but the water is clear & still you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing and dipping.

There are 2 lounges where you can rest, listen to the waves, have some fresh air, eat, etc.

There is a mini bar where you can order food and drinks. It is where you can order your free breakfast. They are also very kind enough to let us put our chicken & pork in their fridge.

You can also cook for a fee. They have a grilling/cooking area. You can use theirs or bring your own.

You can stay in the rooftop too until 9PM.

View from the rooftop. 😊

By 10PM, guests are advised to observe silence or at least not being noisy in respect of the neighbors.

Excellent Customer Service

Apart from the amazing room, fun amenities and even free breakfast; one thing also to take note when staying in a hotel or resort or even eating in a restaurant is the service. Some would want to go back over and over again when the service is really great. And for me, that is one of the charms of this resort.

From the time we were inquiring in Facebook. Which they really accommodated us and responded us even sometimes past 6PM. To their friendly and welcoming staff when we arrived in the resort. The secutiy guard, the receptionist, the bar staff, the housekeeping, the one who approached us when we are about to check in (I guess he\’s the manager) and every staff we met during our stay.

It is very light because they are all nice. A kind of customer service that you cannot get everywhere.

Do you recommend it?

Definitely, yes! For friends, for lovers, for families, for everyone who wants some time to relax and leave the hustle & bustle of the city and to relieve some stress. It is worth the pay and the travel. 😉


Thank you to the owner and all the staff of Ging-Ging Hotel and Resort because we had an amazing and fun stay. And yeah, a comfortable one! Until our next visit. 😊