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God: Center of Life

In this world, we normally and usually think about ourselves. We decide on what can benefit us. We take advantage on what is good for us. At some point, this could be good because as the song says, Love yourself. But as we tried to love ourselves, we sometimes go overboard. We tend to become self-centered. Always thinking about ourselves. We forgot to mind what others could feel and benefit. And most of all, we will be more focused to what the earth can give us. We will rely our happiness to material things. Then, we neglect God. God should be the center of our life. We should do things, decide on something or be that someone for God. We are just passersby in this world. What we accumulate on earth cannot be our bridge to heaven and we cannot even bring it there. But our love to the Lord will surely bring us to heaven. He should be the center of our universe. The center of each relationship that we will have. Because if we do this, for sure we will have a happy, stronger and blessed one. If we want to have an eternal life in heaven, think and mind about God. Let us ask ourselves. Are the things I am worrying and doing here on earth can make me happy til eternity? Am I good enough to be saved by God and be brought to Heaven? Am I deserving to be called His child?

Let us make something now for Him. Yeah! Definitely, still let us love ourselves so that we can love others. But think harder. Remember, His second coming is near. Maybe… No! Not maybe. But certainly, this is the time to prepare ourselves for that day to come.

Have a blessed day! 🙂



via Daily Prompt: Center