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I’m not liked, so what to do?

In this life, I have met and known people who love me for who I am. And I have come to meet and known people who do not like me for either who I am or for someone they think they knew about me. Some may be an acquaintance, a friend or even a family. You can tell but…

But that’s life, right? You can never please anyone. You can never get all the good feedback from everyone. There will always be at least one who will always be against you. Whether you do good or not. They’ll always have something bad/negative to say or think about you.

But the world does not revolve around you. What does it mean? Never stress yourself out if people like you or not. Coz most of these people do not care whether you exist or not. Whether you’re doing good or not. Whether you’re healthy or not. They just don’t care. Maybe because they do not care about you at all. Or just because they are too busy with their own lives to even mind yours.

So what you should do? Focus on yourself. Focus on growing. Focus on chasing and reaching for your dreams. Focus on improving your life. Focus on being happy. Focus on living.

Happiness should not be defined on how many people are for and with you. It is not about how wealthy you are. It is not about how famous you are.

But happiness is about what is deep in your hearts. It is about the peace you get each day. It is about the contentment even with the little thing you have. It is about the love you can spread to the world.

So what you’ll do if many people do not like you? Let them be. You do not have to beg people to like you. You do not have to chase and nag on them just to favor you. You do not have to lower down yourself just to be loved.

Instead, be who you are. The good and the bad, the successes and the failures, the right and the wrong – these are making you a perfectly imperfect one. That’s making you human being. That’s making you one of the world.

If people won’t like that, it’s their choice. That should be fine.
If people will love that, bless you. Embrace these people in your life. Value them and give them the love you can give.
Coz not every day that we meet people who are willing to stay by our side even how much worst they’ve seen and known of us.

So keep on living. Be true to yourself. And spread love and positivity. The world needs that the most now. ♥️

Written on June 4, 2022 3:43AM