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Japan Tourist Visa 🇯🇵

Many of us wants to visit Japan for a lot of reasons. But of course, aside from buying a plane ticket to wherever part of the country, we should also make sure to obtain an Approved Visa. Whatever type may it be.

But since we went there as an Employed Tourist, I will share the requirements, the process and our experience in applying the visa til we got the approval.

Purchasing a plane ticket or booking an accommodation is not necessary. They will even advise you to purchase this once you have your approved visa to avoid wasting money.

So here is the process:

1️⃣ Make sure you have the complete requitements. What are these?
🔸Passport that is still valid. At least 6 months before the expiration date. Page 2 has been signed and there is at least 2 pages available.
🔸Visa Application Form that is available in the agency\’s page or online or Japan Embassy website. Make sure to fill up all the fields neat and clear. There is some sample that you can find online.
🔸Photo that was taken within 6 months. The size is 45cm x 45cm. Write the name and birth date at the back of the photo.
🔸Birth Certificate that was issued within 1 year from PSA. If it not clear, submit a birth certificate from Local Civil Registrar. If the registration is late, submit a baptismal certificate and school record (Form 137). If there is no record, submit a Certificate of Non-Record and the birth certificate from Local Civil Registrar.
🔸Marriage Certificate issued by PSA if you are married.
🔸Daily Schedule in Japan. You don\’t have to be so detailed but at least show your daily activities and accommodation.
🔸Bank Certificate. Validity is 3 months from the date of issue. No specific amount is required. But make sure that your money in the bank can support your whole stay in Japan.
🔸 Applicant\’s Income Tax Return (Form 2316) clear photocopy (latest). If you don\’t have ITR, you need to write a letter of explanation.

All of the documents should be in A4 size.

2️⃣ When the requirements are complete. Go to the accredited travel agency. For our case, we went to Friendship Tours Cebu Office in Oakridge.
The in-charge will check your documents. If everything is okay, you have to pay the visa fee of Php 1200 for single entry. They will then inform you that they will contact once the visa is approved or not.

Another staff will re-check the documents before forwarding it to the Embassy. If there is lacking requirement, they will contact you.

3️⃣ If everything is okay, they will forward the documents to the Embassy. The processing time is within 5 to 7 days. Sometimes, it will go beyond that depending on the Embassy or if there is holiday.

The Embassy might also request for additional requirement.

4️⃣ When the Embassy will return the passport, the agency will inform you if your visa has been approved or denied. Whether your visa is approved or denied, they will return your passport. But the documents will not be returned.

For denied visa, the Embassy will not inform the reason of the rejection.

TIP#2: Pray and pray. It really helps. 🙏

With our experience, we submitted all the requirements to Friendship. Upon the first check, my sister\’s birth certificate is more than 1 year already so they requested us to secure the latest.

When my sister submitted her latest birth certificate, they called me. Coz they found out on the second check that I was not able to sign the page 2 of my passport. When I went there to sign, the in-charge asked me if we will not add the money thag we had in our bank account. Because for her, it was not enough and we might be denied. Based on her experience, applicants with not so big amount in the bank was denied. But I told her that we will not. For once, it will take us weeks to do that because my sister\’s bank certificate will be coming from Manila. And if we do that, we will be beyond our flight schedule.

So let it be. If we will be approved, then meaning bank certificate is not the only factor that can affect their decision. If we will be denied, then it is still okay. Better luck next time! We just did a lot of prayers after. Haha

TIP#3: Never expect but always hope and pray. Expectation will lead to disappointment. But hoping and praying will really help.

By the way, we purchased our plane ticket last September 2018 during Cebu Pacific\’s seatsale. We got our ticket at Php 3120 per person and roundtrip (Cebu to Tokyo via Manila then Tokyo to Cebu). So cheap right?

Luckily, our flight was moved to a later time. It was more than 1 hour. So Cebu Pacific sent us info that we can reroute, rebook, refund or travel fund. Since we really wanted to go, we chose to rebook it to a latter date enough for our visa to be approved. Hopefully! 🤞😂

That\’s why instead of June, we went last July 7. That\’s the latest date we can move.

TIP#4: If you already purchased your ticket, it is recommended to apply the visa at least 1 month before your flight. Just to avoid any cramming and panic. And so that you will know if you will really be preparing for a trip or not. 😀

Anyways, the visa is valid for 3 months.

Going back to the visa application, I think we completed everything last June 14 then they forwarded the documents the next business day. In the afternoon of June 20, they sent us a text message informing that our visa has been approved. Wow! 😍

We cannot contain our excitement, happiness and gratitude that it was approved. Coincidentally, it was Fujitsu Day and we were given the gift of time. I was able to go there after our allowed out, then claimed our passports with the visa pasted on it.

TIP#5: If you will really pray for it and lift everything to God, He will do His ways to grant it.

Thanks God! Really. 😘

Our Japan dream trip is coming true. 🤗

Arigatō Gozaimasu, Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation – Cebu 😊