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Laag sa Lagaan Falls

Happy New Year everyone! How’s your New Year’s celebration? I hope all pf you are safe while having fun and cheating on your diets. 😋😂

I had a great time with my family, friends & neighbors. That even the rain did not stop us from welcoming 2017.

So as we bid goodbye to 2016, we should also be thankful an awesome year.

On my new and first post for 2017, I will share to you our newly discovery in the island. So… New year. New discovery. New post. 😉
We went on a roadtrip with my family and found this newly opened falls in Siquijor. It is called the Lagaan Falls and was opened to public for about 2 months.

It is located in Tignao, Lazi. You can see the signage in the corner going in there. Though the road is somewhat cemented already but you must have to be careful because there is a portion that is rough road and it can only fit one 4-wheel vehicle.

When we got there, we were welcomed by the tour guides. One of them, Mars, accompanied us inside. We have to walk for a couple of minutes on a slippery (coz it was raining) pathway. But, it is all worth it.

A beautiful falls awaits you there. There you can swim, tarzan swing, dive, go to the cave and take pictures.
width=320One of the signages that can be seen while trekking to the falls.

width=2448Welcome to Lagaan Falls

width=3264Nature at its best 💚

width=3264Tarzan swing 💪🏾


width=1224Spring within the area






width=1632The family (incomplete) day 1 of 2017 escapade

width=1224Meet Mars, our very friendly tour guide 🏃🏻

What’s nice about the place is that it\’s less crowded, untouched at some point and being taken cared of. I hope my photos could give a little justice to this amazing place.

So on your next trip to the island… Do not forget to include Lagaan Falls in your itinerary. Because a time with nature will always be great. And oh! Remember to give them donation that can help them manage & care the falls and suggestion to improve whatever they need to.

Have a fun experience! 😉😍😎