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Life and Its Choice

Life is full of choices. That\’s a reality that no one can escape nor deny. Every single day in our lives, we have to choose. Right?

When we wake up in the morning, we have to choose if it\’s either we will get up or go back to sleep. If we get up, we have to choose if we would take a shower or eat breakfast. And since we are on Work from Home setup, adding to the choices is if we would work directly.

If we would take a shower, we have to choose if we will use a shampoo and/or conditioner and if what soap to use. After that, we have to choose what clothes to wear. After that we have to choose what to do next.

If we eat, we have to choose what to eat. Would it be with rice or not? Should we cook or eat anything on the table? Should we drink coffee or chocolate drink or just water?

Those are just simple things and yet we need to think of these every single day.

With studies, we have to choose if what subjects to take for this semester. Or what course to get in college. Or what school you should enroll.

With work, what company you should apply. What job you should pick. How much salary you should receive. What stuff you will put on your cubicle.

With friends, should you meet with them? How many times? When? Where? Are you gonna stick with them forever? What things you should do together?

With family, should you go home this weekend? Should you call your parent? Should you send something home? Should you buy gifts for them?

With relationship, you have to choose who to accept. And if things get rough, should you stay or leave? If you are very much in love and happy, should you get married or not? Are you gonna stay for a lifetime or not? Are you gonna replace him or her with someone else or not?

We always have a choice. We always have to choose. And in every decision we make and choice we take, we have to be sure. We have to make sure that if things turned not the way we expected it to be, we are okay and we can accept things. It is because this is our choice.

That\’s why I always say, choose something that will not make you regret in the future. Because a decision that has been made is sometimes hard to be amended or changed. Though change is constant thing in this world.

If staying in a toxic relationship and abusive partner is something that won\’t make you regret in the future, then let it be. As long as you can take it. As long as you are happy with it.

But if you think that it is no longer right, then maybe it is time to let go. Remember, part of loving someone is letting them go especially when it is over. And letting go of a toxic relationship is part of loving yourself. It sounds selfish but you will not be able to give love and positivity to the world if you cannot give it to yourself. If you are stuck in that toxic relationship, how can you give joy to others and to the people you love?

If getting that course will make you successful and productive in the future, then go for it. Though some of us are directed by our parents what to get or enroll. But remember, you will be the one who will be working. You will be the one to do it in the future. And you know, doing something you don\’t like is a struggle and toxic. You will never be happy and you end up complaining most of the time.

So, anyway. My point with this post is that we are given tons of choices and we have to choose every single time. Just make sure that whatever choice you make, you did it because it is what makes you happy or maybe it is the right thing to do. Do not be the reason of your own struggle. Do not be the reason to be other people\’s negative vibes. Be someone that can lighten up the world even how gloomy or dark the days are because you are contented and happy with what, who and where you are.

And if you are still not getting to that place you dream or aim of, keep pushing and keep working. Coz with all the determination, passion and hard work, everything will be possible. We have God to guide us and our family to help us along the way. 😊