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I\’m gonna share with you my experience today going out after a few days of just being at home. Well, for the record, I did not go out to have fun or travel. I went out to go to the Grocery.

My grocery experience is not the same as the usual. I went to Robinson\’s Supermarket in Banilad Town Center even it is far compared to Gaisana Countrymall. First, because I need to go to Metrobank. Second, because I thought there would be fewer people. Third, because I thought they opened early.

I went out at around 8AM without taking a bath and wearing a mask and eyeglasses. It was a bit hot already. The road was not full like the usual. Fewer vehicles were passing by.

When I was near Countrymall (Cmall), the line reached near the road. That\’s how long the line is. And I think they were opened already by that time.

When I was in Metrobank, there was only a guy who was about to go. I then crossed the road to BTC. I asked the Security Guard if the supermarket was open already. He said, 9AM.

I was thinking, I was early. It\’s still past 8AM. Thought that there would be few people since I did not see any line.

As I walked towards the supermarket, still haven\’t seen any line. The pathway going to the supermarket was even clear. But when I looked at the pathway near the restaurants, there I saw a line. Not just a line but a long line.

If you have been to BTC, you would know how long it was if I tell you that I was already in 2nd Floor near Salon de Rose. But you know, no complain. I waited there with the other customers.


Until at 9AM, I heard the roll up doors then a staff was giving out priority numbers. Then a few minutes later, we were moving.


Fast forward to 2 and a half later, I was able to enter the supermarket. The priority number has a note that says limit to 15 minutes maximum.


I was bringing with me the list my sister wrote. I went first to the vegetables then the meat. The technique? When you\’re asking the staff to weigh something, tell them that you will get it back. Then head to the other things you need to buy. That\’s called multitasking. Hahaha

A guy that weighed the hotdog & ham I bought, even approached me to give those. 😂

After that, I went to the shelves. From canned goods to coffee to toilet paper to snacks to drinks. Then, I saw a big cart filled with rubbing alcohol. The kind of alcohol that I have been craving and wanting to buy for days already. The kind of alcohol that is going sold out instantly. The kind of alcohol that we need to clean our hands. They have it. Stocks were still many.

But every transaction only allows 2 pieces which is pretty fair. This is for others to be able to purchase as well.


Then after buying what I have to, I fell in line next to a foreign guy. The line was not so long but it takes time because of the number of items every customer had purchased.

If I may say, the people on BTC did not do the panic buying. Like you know, buy excessively or buy like having an amazing race, running or something. But everyone bought according to what\’s written on their notes.

It may hard to notice that your 15minutes is over or you\’re going beyond that, but at least no one stays longer as it may seem. The time limit let each customer give importance to every minute they are inside.

When I am done buying, I went to the pharmacy and then went out. My problem was just really how to go home with all the heavy bags alone. I then decided to take a taxi. I informed the guard so that he can inform the guard near the entrance.

Our house is just walking distance away. That\’s why I was walking in going to BTC but because of the load, I did take the taxi. And instead asking for the change, I let him keep it. It\’s a simple way to help him earn in situation like this.

I think this is the longest and most patience grocery shopping I did. I was there about 3 hours. But it was so fulfilling. And I don\’t know why but I am happy getting all those things I need to, talking with the staff and seeing other people or listening to them while waiting.

I appreciate and commend how the Robinson\’s Supermarket handle this situation. They really have an effective system. Maybe waiting outside can be time consuming but you know the fulfillment when it is your time to get inside, when you get what you have been waiting for.

I appreciate the staff on actively working and providing service to us even if it would be safer for them to stay at home. These are the people who I think work more than the money but for service to their fellow countrymen.

And this time only teaches us to be more grateful even with simple and small things like seeing the alcohol bottles. Also, it teaches us to be patient and not complaining. Things will come on its right time. We just need to have the faith.

This is indeed a very trying time to the whole world. Everyone is suffering and sacrificing in their own way. Though our frontliners and backliners especially the medical people sacrifice more than what the average people do, but we are all suffering.

And I hope that we all together do our part to contain and eventually stop the transmission of this virus so that what our frontliners would focus is treating those who are in the hospital or sick.

Let us all pray to have unity for the world. To have peace and instead of fighting against each other, we will work together. Let us pray that we can survive from this virus. Let us pray that God will send forth His Holy Spirit and love to protect and heal us. 🙏