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My Birthday Countdown

It is November again. November 17 (PST) to be exact. It\’s been 2 days already since I celebrated my 29th birthday.

Before my birthday, I had a countdown in my IG & FB Story. Maybe some guessed it right. Maybe some did not. But I\’ll be sharing here the 10 Stories I posted during My Birtday Countdown. 😁

10. Hello Weekend 😎

I guess it is not just me. But others would also feel the same way. Wherein we would get excited for the weekend. We would welcome the weekend with open arms. Whatever we will do – lazing out in the house, running some errands, hanging out with friends, traveling on your own. This would still make the weekend exciting.

That\’s why I will always say Hello Weekend. 😎



I always have obsession with sunset. The sky turned colorful until it gets dark. The magical feeling just seeing the sky. The reminder that even goodbyes are beautiful. And that just like the sun, we have to rest.

It feels really amazing and magical to witness sunset. This is always the best scenery especially when the weather is good. And though the sun is saying goodbye, I would still say Hello Sunset. 🌇



The kid in me will always wake up whenever I see Doraemon. I haven\’t watch all Doraemon episodes nor read all Doraemon books. But I just love this dude.

I have been collecting Doraemon stuff for a few years now. And every time I could see new one, I become a Happy Kiddo. 😅



I will always and forever be grateful to God. We grew up being taught by our parents to go to church and to pray. And because of the pandemic, we were not able to attend the mass physically for more than 8 months. We always do it through FB Live Streaming. And yet, we know God is with us.

The blessings that came, come and will come my way are all because and from God. That\’s why it is always a Happy Sunday with Him. 😇🙏


This year has been pretty challenging for our family. However, we never leave each other behind. We faced every challenge together hand-in-hand, virtually. We make sure that everyone is doing well. We check if everyone is safe and healthy.

We talk about anything under the sun until our attention would transfer to the youngest in the family, our little bugoy Matthias. We laugh everything off. We were once filled with worries and doubts. But we made it. Because of our love for each other and the Greatest Love that we received from. God.

We will still be like this. I mean, geographically separated especially with the pandemic. But whatever may happen, wherever we are in the world. We will always have each other. Always! ❤️



As the pandemic has been extended from a month to two and now more than 8 months, I thought of doing something new. Maybe something I could say that I accomplished during this uncertain times.

And so, I studied a foreign language. I never hesitated what language to study. Before I already self-studied Japanese and even took the exam. But I failed coz I did not prepare much. I still need to study harder.

Now, as I am getting myself addicted to Korean stuff, I decided to study Korean. One reason is that for me to be able to watch KDramas without reading the subtitle. But I\’m still far from it though. 😅

I did study Spanish for a little while too. But due to time constraints and laziness, I stopped.

And so, as I continued self-studying Korean, I get to learn New Vocabulary that will surely be helpful for my future conversations. And I\’m sharing few of these words with you. 😁📙



Again because of what\’s happening in the world, many things had stopped and changed. One of them is traveling. It is really hard and inconvenient these days to travel. With all the requirements and restrictions. And yet we don\’t have a choice because we must follow these.

With that being said, I haven\’t traveled this year. All my booked tickets were canceled and refunded. And so, what I can do with my itchy feet is to reminisce my previous trips by watching again my Old Photos. Hoping one day, we can all see the world again. 😉📸



As what I mentioned a while ago, it has been a challenging year not just for the world but for our family too. With all the trials that we need to face and survive. And yes, we did!

And during those times that we are about to give up, this song is telling us not to quit because it\’s gonna be alright.

It may be hard to understand because it\’s in Korean but the song is telling us that it\’s gonna be alright so we should not worry.

That\’s why, I\’ve been playing this over and over until I memorized some parts of it. And I considered it now as my Life\’s Theme Song. 😊🎶



We were never been completely stuck inside the house. We go out to visit our family, to go to the grocery or to do some errands.

However, going out always excite me personally. It\’s because I could see the outside world. I can see vehicles passing by, buildings, people walking, shops, and these trees. I got amazed sometimes too because of the changes that happened while I was just inside the house.

And during this day (when the photo was taken), the sky is so clear and bright. It\’s a bit windy and it\’s relaxing. It\’s a good time for a short walk too.

This is the best I could get for now being Outside The House. Maybe one day, I can go as far as I need to take a ship or an airplane. 😅🌲

1. D-DAY 🎉


Finmy, it\’s my 29th Birthday! 😁

Why I\’ve been mentioning challenges a lot in this post? It\’s because it has been what\’s really happening this year. And it\’s also the reason why I changed my mind about celebrating my birthday.

At first, I thought of not celebrating it. It\’s because I\’m quite disappointed as I cannot go home in the island. I\’m not sure if there\’s to celebrate with what\’s have been happening.

Until one day, I had some realizations. I need to celebrate my birthday because I need to celebrate my life. Because I am alive, I\’m healthy, I have a job, my family is with me, and God never leave me alone.

I kept on wanting something that I forgot or overlooked the blessings that I have with me. And that what made me want to celebrate my birthday.

It doesn\’t have to be big and luxurious. It just have to be full of love and fun. And indeed it is. Plus my parents celebrated it also in the island with our family and my sister even bought me cake which my nephew was excited to blow the candle.

There are lot of things to be grateful for. And on my D-day, I realized how much I am loved by the people who will never leave me and of course, by God. 😍🎉

There you are! 😁

I posted all those stuff with deep meaning and thoughts. It may seem like just a random photo but it means something to me. 😊

I wrote the hashtag in Hangul (Korean) so no one would guess unless those who can understand it. Though according to my Korean friend, it should be another word. Hehe

I hope you enjoy reading this post. And continue to stay healthy and safe! 😍