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My Current Normal

It\’s already May. We\’ve been working from home since March 18. This is all because of the Coronavirus Outbreak. Things did really change. A lot really.

So while we are not yet sure when this will be over and still the cases are growing everyday, people are starting to adapt this Current Normal.

What is my Current Normal?

Weekdays still for work except on Friday Off and Holiday. Wake up daily at around 6AM and open the window. Then, power on my laptop, connect all the power cables to the extension wire, login on our tracker, read email, send chat messages, reply email, check calendar on what is scheduled for the day.

My sister would wake up at around 9AM and starts her shift. Sitting next to me, she would open the window next to her for more natural light and air.

Then, I attend the daily huddle at 10AM unless moved. While my nephew wakes up, greets us good morning then goes down to eat and stay there to watch YouTube or anything he wants to do.

Then have lunch between 11:30AM and 12NN. Spends about 15 mins to 30 mins then consumes the rest watching YouTube videos, Netflix series or talking with the family.

The day then includes conducting few other meetings, making reports. Or studying some online courses. Then my nephew would call us at around 3PM or 4PM for snacks or merienda. 😂

Then, I would log off after 10 hours of working in my make-shift workstation at home. Using my nephew\’s chair and our old wooden bed as table.

Recently, I added new routine for my day. After I logged off from work, I would do about 30 minutes workout. Just few exercises that I created with the help of an online site. Then, that\’s when I can take a bath after.

Some random days include video call with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and nephew who are in different parts of the country. Talking about the latest news of the pandemic, asking how each of us have been, watching the various things our nephew have been doing. Simple things that make us all happy to see that everyone is fine and healthy. Thanks to technology for connecting us all together even geographically we are apart.

The day continues either watching Netflix series, studying something that I wish to accomplish or sleeping. Until, my nephew would call us for dinner. Dinner these days has been so fun and full. Eating and talking with the family around the table are overwhelming. Things like these that we can do now since we are all at home. One of the things I would really cherish. 😉

The night would then be about watching videos online. Until we decide to sleep. But before resting for the day, we would pray rosary, read the Bible and well, ask God over and over again for the pandemic to be over.

I know God is listening to all our prayers. That\’s absolutely true. But we should also do our part and listen to what has been mandated for us to follow.

And part also of our current normal is ordering food and grocery online then it will just be delivered to us. Since, our Sitio started to impose strict rules, outsiders cannot enter and would just have to wait at the entrance where the tent was built. Volunteers would take temperature, spray some sanitizers to everyone entering. Picking up our orders is the only time I can go outside the house and see a glimpse of the outside world.

I stopped going to the grocery store since 1st week of April after I had anxiety and was not able to sleep well for 2 or 3 nights. That\’s why, I am really pushing and recommending the use of online grocery services.

And now, only few days are left before the Enhanced Community Quarantine is set to be lifted and General Community Quarantine will be imposed. And from that day onward, we would all be experiencing our New Normal.

Let us all continue to pray for the healing and the peace of the world. And stay at home unless necessary to go out. It is our little way to help and give big significant to the community. It will all pass. That\’s for sure. Because God is with us and nothing is impossible with Him. Keep safe, everyone! 🙏☺️