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Purpose of Life

If the world or your life would end up today, how are you going to feel?

Will you be happy & contented because you were able to do what you want in life? You were able to buy all those fancy things, travel around the world, meet different people, eat those lavish and delicious foods, got a degree, have a good career or business, etc.

Will you be sad & full of regrets because you missed to do something? You forgot to tell your family how much you loved them. You were not able to buy what you want, marry the person you like, have your own family, own a mansion, make a lot of friends and see the whole world.

Or will you be at peace because you feel accomplished and have fulfill your purpose in this life?

But what is our purpose? Do we even know? Do we have an idea or even a hint?

I, for instance, am not sure why I am here on earth and why God gave me life. I cannot really tell if what I am doing is part of accomplishing my mission in this world.

But I am sure of one thing, our main mission is to do good the way God taught us to be. To follow His commandments and teaching. And to live by His love.

When things got tough in my life, I did not ask God why it was happening. But rather I asked Him why He blessed me this much. Why He never leave me when He could despite of all the mistakes I committed. Why He revealed in front of my eyes the truth which paved me to a better and easier way of moving on from those painful past. Why He loved me even when there are times I forgot and took Him for granted.

Maybe, which I believe though, He is simply like that. He does not count how many times you commit a mistake or a sin, but He counts how many times you correct them. He always have the better if not the best plan than any of us have. Especially with our lives. He loves us unconditionally without asking for anything in return. He is there with us, in us and for us even if most of the time we don\’t talk to Him.

He is God. And even how many times the world will turn or move upside down, He is God. No one can change that and no one can take that away.

But how much do we love and believe in Him? How much do we follow His commandments and teaching?

Like any other human, I sometimes failed to do it. I sometimes missed to be a better child of God. I sometimes forgot that I should follow Him.

But I realized that my purpose in this life might include becoming happy, touching people and share to them that happiness, and inspire them the best way that I can. I have hundred of reasons to be sad, miserable and hate this life. But I chose not to. Why? Because I found million of reasons to be thankful and to be happy. I chose to do that.

And so, I am sharing the same thinking to everyone. I tried to share that happiness to others. I will do my best to motivate people to be thankful instead of live with hate and sadness.

Always remember that you will reap what you sow. So plant goodness here on earth so that you will harvest that in heaven. God is watching all the time. It won\’t be difficult to at least make Him happy even for once by doing something good. 🙂