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Single House for Solo Traveler in Seoul

During my recent trip in South Korea, I opted to book in Airbnb. For one, I wanted to have a private room for myself and if possible with own private T&B. Two, I planned to stay in one location the whole trip. Three, for a change and to experience doing all those stuff like throwing the garbage.

I was searching the Airbnb app and found a place in Seoul that I can really really recommend. And I would say, “I got what I paid for”. Sharing what I love and the cons. Here it is!!!


I booked a room in a Single House unit which is for women only including the common area.

The Things I love about this place:

Very good location: located within Dongjin Building in Bomun-ro, Seongbuk-gu. Walking distance to Sungshin Women’s University Subway Station via Exit 3. There is a Police Station at the next block; a Fire Station across the road; GS25 Convenience Store and a Local Grocery at the Ground Floor; a Bus Stop outside the building and one Bus Stop outside the Fire Station. There are restaurants nearby too.

Room perfect for solo traveler: the room is not so spacious. It is enough for you to sleep, eat, work, take a bath. The empty floor can let a luggage bag be opened if you need anything but better to close it if not. The single bed will let you sleep comfortably too. At least for me 😊

More than enough Room Amenities: the room has a cabinet with drawers to hang and place your clothes. There is a hanging cabinet for your stuff. Hair dryer, mini refrigerator, a small TV, a tall mirror, a table where you can work and eat, 2 small towels which you need to wash by yourself if you want it to be cleaned, and a own private toilet & bath that I think is about 1sq meter just enough to take a shower and do your thing in the toilet. And it has hot and cold. The room’s temperature is good too.

Generous Facilities: the host also provided free rice, Kimchi, Ramyeon, coffee and tea which you can get and cook in the kitchen/cafeteria. You can use the utensils and kitchenwares there too but just do not forget to wash & clean after. There is also a Laundry Room where you can use the washer and the detergent for free. If you want to use fabric conditioner, you have to provide it yourself. After doing your laundry, you can hang your clothes on the provided laundry rack which is shared by other guests. You can then place it either at the hallway outside your room or at the rooftop. There is also a flat iron and ironing board outside the kitchen. You can also store your foods in the common refrigerator but make sure to write your name.

Airbnb Experience: Washing clothes, cooking washing the dishes, and even segregating & throwing the garbage are the things you can rarely try if you’re staying in a hotel. And being in an Airbnb, I was able to do it. Which by the way made me feel I am like living in Korea not as a tourist. 😅

Safety: Since the units are all for women, I feel like more at ease. Also, since there are Police and Fire Stations nearby. I did try going home as late as 10PM. I even arrived & checked in at almost midnight.

Local Feels: While staying there, I have met many locals like some are 할머니 and 할아버지. Either at the Bus Stop or going to the Supermarket. I also saw some of the residents walking every early morning or late afternoon at a nearby stream/park. And I did not see a lot of foreigners. I think I saw more of them at the Airbnb. But just about 4-5.

Language Differences Not a Problem: the good thing about Airbnb is that it would translate the messages to your preferred language. So even if my host would send me messages in Korean, Airbnb would automatically translate them to English. Which I think is very useful and helpful.

Friendly & Responsive Host: I had been sending messages, asking questions to the host even before I booked the place. She did respond to me as soon as she can even if late at night. She provided detailed information and clear instructions especially during check in. I’ve met her a couple of times when she’s cleaning the common area. She would greet and smile.

The Cons…

No Elevator in the Building: the unit is at the 3rd Floor and I found out that there’s no elevator after I confirmed & paid the booking. I really missed to ask about it prior even if how much I would say to consider elevator when looking for accommodation. It is because I tried booking before in a place with no elevator and I struggled a lot carrying my luggage to the 4th floor.

But when I got there, I saw that the stairs are wide enough to walk and carry your luggage, and not so many steps. So I did carry my luggage slowly with few breaks. And I think, it’s not really a struggle to stay there with a luggage. Unless those huge ones.

Minimum Stay Requirement: To book the place, you have to stay at least 7 days. That’s why, it would be impossible to stay here if you’re traveling only for a short period of time.

Single Room: though the room is equipped with what you need, the space might not be enough for some. Single bed, 1sq meter toilet & shower. This might not be a thing for some.

Little Noise: you can hear the sound from the hallway. Door closing, walking, just those things. Though it’s not that noisy but if you’re so sensitive, this might not be for you.

Few stations away from Myeongdong: some would want to stay within the shopping area of Myeongdong. So staying here would require you to take a few stops to get to Myeongdong.

Overall, I can really recommend this place. And I will definitely go back & stay here. Hopefully, the same room number. 😊🫶

By the way, the host has about 26 listings. I will share one of them here and just check the other rooms from there.