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Siquijor Travel Requirements

Since this pandemic has started, traveling is never been the same as before. There are already additional requirements need to be secured. And requirements change from time to time when the COVID Level changes.

However, starting this month, it seems that traveling to and within Philippines has become a little less strict.

So, if you are planning to travel to SIQUIJOR, here are the requirements as of Executive Order No. 2022-ZSV-004 dated February 16, 2022.


  1. Must register to S-PASS prior to travel and see to it that their Travel Coordination Permit is approved before traveling for fast & smooth travel.
    • Must be Fully Vaccinated
    • Upload the following to S-PASS website:
      • Identification Card
      • Vaccination Card
      • Booking Confirmation from DOT Accredited Accommodation or Accommodation granted with Certificate of Authority Operate from the Provincial Government
  2. Upon arrival in Siquijor Triage Area, proceed to the TOURIST LANE and present the following to the Tourism Officer:
    • Identification Card
    • TCP QR Code (you can get this once your S-PASS Application is approved)
  3. EXIT PASS is given once validated and verified and to be presented to the PDRRMO Representative at the Port Exit
  4. Just then the tourist can proceed to their booked accommodation


  1. Requirements
    • Vaccination Card
    • Valid ID or Barangay Certificate for Returning Residents
  2. Must undergo health screening or triage upon arrival
  3. Are encouraged to observe minimum public health standards at all times
  4. NO MORE RAPID ANTIGEN TESTING. To report to the nearest health facility in case of COVID-19 related symptoms development

Provisions A & B are applicable to CERTIFIED FULLY VACCINATED INDIVIDUAL AGES 12 & ABOVE, and UNVACCINATED AGES 11 & BELOW accompanied by fully vaccinated adult.


  1. Negative RT-PCR Swab Test taken 48 hours before flight to the Philippines (for verification purposes only)
  2. Certificate from the Bureau of Quarantine
  3. NO MORE RAPID ANTIGEN TESTING. If symptomatic, must submit Rapid Antigen Testing.

D. UNVACCINATED MEDICAL PATIENTS AND WATCHERS who cannot secure a Negative RT-PCR Test result prior to entry due to financial constraints may be allowed entry but subject to LGU Acceptance and Protocol

  1. Requirements to be presented
    • Discharge Summary
    • Valid ID or Barangay Certificate of Residency
  2. Approved Travel Coordination Permit through S-PASS
  3. To be endorsed to their respective LGU for COVID-free Facility Quarantine and on the 5th day, to undergo RT-PCR Swab Test then continue the quarantine until results come out
  4. Only one watcher/companion per patient is allowed


  1. Requirements
    • Negative RT-PCR Swab Test (valid within 72 hours from the actual date & time of release of result)
    • Valid ID or Barangay Certificate for the Returning Residents
    • Approved Travel Coordination Permit through S-PASS
  2. Procedure upon arrival
    • Shall undergo health screening or triage
    • Shall undergo Facility (Municipality/Provincial) Quarantine
    • On the 5th day, to undergo RT-PCR Swab Test then wait for the result
    • If Negative, may be able to go home
    • If Positive, must complete 10-21 days of quarantine depending on the severity of symptoms


  1. Patient must present their Medical Certificate indicating their recovery and that they are no longer infectious
  2. Watcher must submit a Negative RT-PCR Swab Test or a Medical Certificate that watcher is also a recovered case

Rural Health Unit (RHU), Siquijor Provincial Hospital and/or Lazi Medicare Community Hospital may conduct Rapid Antigen Test. The patient for personal requirements may shoulder testing cost.

G. INBOUND TRUCK DRIVERS delivering essential goods to the Province

  1. Shall undergo health screening or triage
  2. NO MORE RAPID ANTIGEN TEST provided that they are Fully Vaccinated
  3. For Unvaccinated Drivers, requirements/process for Unvaccinated Inbound Travelers (E) will apply
    • For Positive Symptomatic Drivers, to be accommodated at the Provincial Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility

This Executive Order also contains the policy for other activities like Sports Activities. You can check more details at the Provincial Government of Siquijor Facebook Page.

Once you are planning to travel in Siquijor or other places, always make sure to check the guidelines as these could change anytime.

Follow the protocols like social distancing, wearing of mask, bringing of alcohol, etc. to avoid any transmission.

And always be cautious and keep safe! Have a safe travels! 🙂