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Stay Single Until…

Stay Single Until you find someone who has the kind of humor you are looking for. Someone who can make you laugh. Someone who can connect with you.

Stay Single Until you find someone you can talk to about anything under the sun. And yes, the moon too. Whether it\’s sunny or rainy day. Someone who does not run out of things to share with you. Someone who\’s silence is not boring or awkward but still comfortable.

Stay Single Until you find someone you can open up and will not judge. Someone who is open-minded enough to understand what your are saying. Someone who will not judge what you are saying. Someone who will try to assess and think deep.

Stay Single Until you find someone who will listen to you. Someone who knows what you are talking about and most especially gets what you are not saying. Someone who is willing to listen to your rant without complaining. Someone who is very interested to listen to your story. Someone you can share about anything.

Stay Single Until you find someone who will support you, your decision and your plans. Someone who will not be a hindrance to what you want to do and achieve in life. Someone who will be happy that your have goals and dreams. Someone who will share and help you achieve them.

Stay Single Until you find someone you can be who you are. Someone who will accept your craziness, flaws, and imperfections. Someone who will not try to change you just to fit for themselves. Someone who will be proud of who you are and what you have become.

Stay Single Until you find someone who can be loyal to you. S/he does not need to be clingy and stays with you 24/7. S/he does not have to stop seeing her/his friends just to be with you. But someone who can meet anyone along the way who is better, more good-looking, wealthier, more intelligent, way better than you; but would still choose you. In short, someone who does not cheat.

Stay Single Until you find someone who can be true to you. Even it means hurting you. Someone who can express her/his feelings either it\’s good or bad. Either s/he is happy, angry or frustrated. Someone who would not sugarcoat things just to please you. Someone who will let you see the real person s/he is. Someone who does not pretend. Someone who does not hide anything and most especially anyone. Someone who would choose to be true and transparent even it means hurting you than choose to keep it and end up, fooling you & hurting you more.

Stay Single Until you find someone who is proud of you. S/he is proud to be called your partner. Someone who can defend you when you are not there because s/he knows who you are. Someone who will not hide you to anyone or finds you embarrassing. Someone who would get excited to show you to the world.

Stay Single Until you find someone who will value your family and value her/his family as much as you do. There is nothing more loving and amazing than someone who loves her/his family a lot. Coz if he won\’t love her/his family who gave birth of her/him, who were there since s/he was young; how can s/he loves someone who just arrived in her/his life 20, 30 years later.

Stay Single Until you find someone who love God as much as you do or even more. There is no relationship more blessed than the one with God in the center of it. Someone who believes in God because s/he has faith in Him. Not someone who shows it just for you to be impressed. You don\’t have to be in the same religion to do that, I guess. You can still do that even you\’re in different religion. As long as you believe in one God.

Stay Single Until you find someone that can make you a better version of yourself. Not someone who will push you to be that person or to change. But someone who in a good way, influences and inspires you to be better. You will surely know that when you meet that person.

Stay Single Until you find someone who will make you truly happy even more. Someone who will give joy in your life whether you\’re geographically together or even long distance. Someone who\’s little text messages or late night calls will brighten up your day and will keep your stress away.

But Stay Single Until you find someone who can make you fall in love with yourself more. Someone who still want you to have your me time. Someone who will give you space not because s/he is annoyed or you\’re suffocating. But because s/he wants you to spend time or enjoy some time with yourself. Someone who will remind you not to forget about yourself.

Above all, Stay Single Until you can be sure that whether you will be together for good or you will end your relationship, you will not be miserable. Yes, breaking up will be painful. But when that time comes, you will still be whole. Why? Because you gave yourself enough love to live and to be happy even without that someone in your life.

Remember to always love yourself first before anyone else. Because everyone can leave you except yourself! 😉

Hmmm.. We\’ll see if we can find this someone one of these days. 😅