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Taal Volcano Tour

Having a trip to Taal Volcano or planning for an adventure there? Check first what to prepare, to do and to expect before finalizing it.

You may refer on this post on what you can do and to know our Tagaytay Weekend Adventure  that includes Picnic Grove, People Park in the Sky, Sky Ranch and of course, a Taal Volcano Tour.

But for those who are taking the Taal Volcano Tour, these are the basic essentials you have to bring.


  1. A hat or cap – to protect you from the heat of the sun. And if you want, you can also wear a sunglasses. Because it will surely be hot in getting to the top. And it will take you for about an hour.
  2. Mask – to protect you from the dusty road.
  3. Sunblock – to protect your skin from the UV Rays.
  4. Water – to rehydrate you after a long horseback ride or walk. You will surely need one. Though you can buy it once you arrive on the top, but expect that the price is expensive.
  5. Money – for all the fees you have to pay to the stuff you need to buy like water, hat, mask, etc. to the tip you will give to the guide (though it is optional but they deserve something after that very tiring tour).

Those are the basic essentials you need to have. Now, how you can get there. You need these:

  1. Boat – the boat will take you to the island where the trek or the horseback ride will start.12751746_10207434872221627_547772871_o
  2. Horse with the guide – though you can always walk but riding the horse in going up is a best choice. Aside from that dusty road, it’s hot and it will take you for about an hour to reach. There will be guide who will take you up. He/She will also be controlling the horse.

So if you have everything ready! Then have fun and take care! 🙂