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I just got home from a rare trip of my life. Thank God! It is a 2days and 2nights staycation (stay + vacation) at Chong Hua Hospital in Fuente. Thanks to my sensitive stomach. *insert sarcasm* 🙄🙄🙄

So what did happen? 🤔

I was just blogging last Sunday night (if you can read my previous posts). I was even productive finishing two write ups. Unfortunately, before I went to sleep at around 11PM, my stomach was aching. I drank the medicine prescribed by my doctors but there was no effect. The pain did not subside.

I drank again at around 1:30AM until I vomited. And I tried to sleep but I kept on waking up after a couple of minutes. Then I vomited again. Until I asked my sister (who was not able to sleep well) to bring me to the hospital.

We went to Perpetual Succuor Hospital (since it is the nearest) around 5AM and asked for some assistance. But after 8AM, there was still no medication or anything that they provided. Except for the Urinalysis and Complete Blood Count laboratory tests that they requested. They kept on waiting for the doctor’s advise and so we decided to proceed to Chong Hua Hospital Medical Arts and consult my Internal Medicine physician to have her read the result of the ultrasounds she asked two weeks ago. (I was not able to go back because I was out of town.)

After waiting, she arrived and we were called. She asked me few questions and read the result. Until she and my aunt (who accompanied me because my sister needed to work) agreed to confine me for more laboratory tests especially Endoscopy and for monitoring.

We just went home to pack some stuffs then went back for confinement. To my surprise, my mother arrived. She was travelling to the city without our knowledge because she knew that we won’t let her come.

And so I was confined then was given tests (been extracted twice), inserted with IV, monitored the vital signs, was advised to fast. Then was brought to the Endoscopy Unit the next day and did that test that made me cry. Was given medication, was reinserted with IV, was given food with no taste at all. But, yeah! Not easy. Painful. However, worth it I guess. Because I cannot take to have this stomach pain occurring over and over again without knowing why.

And as what they say, you know who are your true friends when you are not in your best state. With that, I wanna thank a lot of people.

Thanks to these two early birds (I mean visitors) who just came out from work and went directly to the hospital.
Thanks to this guy who entertained not just me but also my visitors. (Side effect sa walay tulog. Haha)
Thanks to Francis for dropping by. Naglakaw tawn ni siya from Ground to 9th Floor. 🙂 Si Toj ready to go na para makauli and makatulog. 😀
Thanks Chinkee sa pagbisita bisan way tulog. Nakaingon na sad si Mama nimo ron nga nagtagay ka. Haha


Thanks bessy Neil for visiting. Last day na siya nivisit kay natagbaw pa siya\’g pangita sa iyaang ID. Maayo na lang jud nakaagi ug nakapanguros sa simbahan. Nakit an ra. 😉
Thanks to my first, last and daily visitor. Just because sa hospital siya nagwork, so wa siya\’y choice. 😛
Thanks to these people, Tropang Laagan for being there always for me. Happy or sad, up or down, healthy or sick, laag or kaon or tagay. Always. Thanks sa gikan nagwork, sa mowork, sa moduty. Thanks sad sa sige\’g chat to check if kumusta nako. Salamat sa concern guys. <3
Thanks Fujitsu Family for visiting bisan layo ang office. Lami bya kaayo mo og lunch. Magtan-aw nalang ko ani next time. 🙂
Thanks Ante Clara for always looking after us and taking care namo. Bisan nabiyaan na nimo sa balay kay naa ka sa ospital.
Thanks to my Superwoman of a mother, Mama Cora. For traveling from home to the city kay worry kaayo ka. Thanks for always being the savior and sa pagcare and support. 

Thank you to Ate Jane sa pagkuyog sayo sa buntag sa ospital, sa pagbantay bisan kuwang og tulog kay sige ko og mata-mata.

Thank you also to my father, brother and Ate Porcia, the whole family for the care and concern.

Thank you friends, well wishers, prayer warriors ug sa tanang nag message sa akoa. Salamat kaayo.

Thanks a lot for your concern and care, guys. Appreciate it a lot. Love you all. :*