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The trek to Osmeña Peak

One day in the office, my officemate invited us to do a trekking at Osmeña Peak in Mantalongon, Dalaguete. So, I grabbed the chance because this will be a new experience for me and I have been really wanting to visit the place. I have been to Dalaguete (my mom is from there) many times but never did I visited this one.

Then the not-so planned (coz until Friday we were not sure who is coming) activity happened. With the help of my friend, Jack (who came from Mantalongon), I was able to ask him pointers and ideas in going there. Aside from that, he also contacted his cousin so that he will be the one to take us to Osmeña Peak\’s foot from the town.

What to prepare?

Before going to Osmeña Peak, please make sure you have the following.

  • Jacket – not just for the heat of the sun but more on the cold weather
  • Cap & Shades
  • Water – there are water being sold
  • Snacks – you can bring foods  if you want to have lunch at the camping area but for those who won\’t, just bring something to much when your tummy complains after the walk going up
  • Sunblock – to protect your skin from damage due to the heat
  • Camera – to take pictures of the view from the peak
  • Smile & Greeting – when you get there, mostly there are other groups also visiting the place. Thus, as a courtesy to the other trekkers and the residents, always greet those people you will meet

How to get there?

At Cebu South Bus Terminal (near Elizabeth Mall), look for a bus with a route going to Bato via Liloan. If you take the Airconditioned Ceres Bus Liner (like us), the fare is Php 105 each. All you have to tell the driver is you are going to Dalaguete. After approximately 2 hours, you will then arrive at Dalaguete. If you do not have contact for the Habal-habal, you have to stop at the Bus Stop where Habal-habal going to Mantalongon parks. But for us, since we have contacted already someone to take us there, we stop at Dalaguete Municipal Hall. He waited us there.

From Dalaguete proper, you need to travel for more or less 45 minutes to reach the foot. The roads going to Osmeña Peak are not fully cemented. You will be able to pass rough roads. By the way, the driver will ask you if where do you want to stop. Either at Mantalongon Market (fare is Php50) each or the foot of Osmeña Peak (fare is Php 100). If you choose to start walking at their market, it will take you almost 2 hours to reach the peak. On the other hand, if you will start the trekking at the foot, you have to walk for less than an hour.

Please leave a messge if you want to contact our driver. They are very good and kind.

The moment we arrived at the foot, a staff asked us to register our names. The trekking is free but if you want to hire a tour guide (will lead to the trail), there are children at the foot of the peak that can give you this service for Php100 (depends on you). For us, Jack\’s cousin, Clifford was our tour guide. A very shy boy who is also our photographer.

Clifford the tour guide! 👏

Photos below are what we can see in the peak. Hold your breath for this amazing place. 😊


Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.
Dag Hammarskjold