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Traffic Over Coronavirus

A few months back, I was complaining about traffic. The struggle of riding a jeepney and the long trip going to/from work. It\’s been one of the turning point which I decided to transfer to a company just walking distance from home. But of course, still had to ride every morning.

But now, we\’ve been facing this crisis brought by Coronavirus, one of the obvious changes is the empty road. Or at least almost. No jeepney plying around. If there will be buses, they were used for frontliners and employees that need to go to work.

People are not going out too unless to buy for their essentials & needs and go to work. Everyone opted to stay at home being afraid to be contaminated.

This came to my realization how I complained about traffic but I hope now to have that traffic over this virus. The jam-packed road is a sign that everyone is going out. Whether for work or for vacation. Everyone is going somewhere.

I would rather have the traffic than this virus. Where people can freely go out, meet with family & friends, dine somewhere, travel anywhere. Without the fear, worry and hesitation. Without being paranoid.

However, maybe this a way to let the road breathe. And I think the road has been breathing better for a month already. And maybe we can already go back to normal.

And when we go back to the normal, hopefully we could complain less or non at all about traffic. Coz the positive about traffic is being free from that virus. 🙏