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Travel Essential for Solo Traveler

Hi, dear friends!

So, I am writing now in the airport while waiting for my 9PM flight to a place where just maybe 10 people know. Haha!

I am really being secretive this past few months. Keeping things to myself and to the people close to me. When I have travel, other people would know when I posted about it. But few knew before I fly. 🙂

This time is a little bit different. I booked a ticket few months ago without anyone knowing about it even my family. I then told one of my friends about this trip yet he/she later forgot. Good thing, I guess! Haha. Until I sent a private message to my mother and siblings just late October about this trip. Guess what my Mama said? Nganong ikaw ra man? Nganong dili mo kuyog ni Ate nimo?

But then why? Simple. I want to try traveling by myself. I traveled a couple of times within the country and abroad but mostly with someone, be it my sister or my friends. So, I want to experience just me, myself and I. And I really prepared for this trip. I made four (4) versions of Itinerary. I booked my hotel. I even rented a pocket WiFi that I can use the whole trip.

Yet, something happened before my trip. I was admitted to the hospital because of gastritis. Oh, c\’mon! My stomach might be the kontrabida this time. Fortunately, things went well and I was discharged last Wednesday. My mother is hesitant because I just came out from the hospital plus I am alone in this trip. But Mama, birthday gift nalang ni nako bi. 😀

So, yeah! They were left with no choice. But to check on me every now and then if I am okay. By the way, my sister is in Iloilo for her own solo trip.

I brought biscuits (3 packs) and medicines. I need to be okay because it will just me.

But, what should be the travel essentials or travel must haves for Solo Traveler like me? Here\’s mine (I have family and friends who let me borrow these :)):



  1. Phone – Of course, you need it to communicate to your family & friends back home, to post to your social media account, to search for anything, etc.
  2. Camera – So, I had a Go Pro (thanks to Chinkee) and DSLR (thanks to Uncle Joe & Ante Bibing) during this trip. The Go Pro is for selfie, recording videos, and for activities. While the DSLR will be for picturesque and instagrammable view & scenery. You need to make sure that you have taken the moments on your trip.
  3. Cookies/Biscuits – Since I just got out from the hospital and my stomach pain is due to skipping meals and eating meals past the time, I need to bring this so that I have something to munch while I am traveling or doing something and cannot eat yet. It will save you from getting stomachache or hyper-acidity.
  4. Pocket WiFi – I rented a pocket WiFi at FlyTPack because I am going to a place where English language is not widely and commonly used. I need it to connect to the internet for me to search anything and communicate with the people back home.
  5. Powerbank – It is not in the picture but I always carry my powerbank with me anytime and anywhere I go. I really need it because I cannot let my cellphone to die down. By the way, my pocket WiFi can also be a powerbank. 🙂
  6. Notebook and Pen – for anything that I need to write. It could be random thoughts, rare moments and things that I need to remember. The pen is needed also to fill up the forms in the airport.
  7. Money – (thanks to Mama! haha) of course, you cannot go around without the money. Make sure to have it exchange to the currency of the country you are going. It is best if you already had exchanged it back home.
  8. Scarf and Beanie – Since it is winter already, though I am going to a place where it is not snowing, but I think it is still cold. So these two can protect me (at least) from getting sick because of the cold temperature.
  9. Laptop – so wherever I go, I need to bring my laptop. Why? Because I need to check at some point of time my emails from work and if they need some documents from me, then I can send.
  10. Passport – this is the most important thing to have wherever you go. Always bring your passport. This is your identification and this is required if locals would ask if where are you from or if they need some document from you. Also, this is a proof that you are not from the country you are going if ever you did something wrong or violated something.


Different people have different needs. But, I guess the above items are common to all of us. We can add other things like make up for the ladies or anything. However, always make sure that you have bring what is really required. Do not forget about it.

Also, make sure that you have recorded the moments during your trip. It might take a long time for you to visit again. So, take advantage now.

Enjoy and have a safe travel! 🙂