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Travel Essentials when Out of Country

Travelling to South Korea or any country outside the Philippines? Thinking of what to bring? There should be a lot of things but just always make sure that you bring what is needed and to travel light. Note that travelling abroad means more walking.

So what to bring?


  1. Passport – number 1 to check on your bag is your passport. You should always bring it wherever you are going even if you are just eating in a restaurant near your hotel. Why? Because it will be your identification and that you will be identified that you are a tourist. If in any case, you can do something you do not know then it might be a way for you to avoid being punished.
  2. Camera – of course! You should not forget this. You have to take all the places, the moments and the people you will meet. Every moment you will spend there might not be repeated. It could be a one time experience. So record every single moment.
  3. Cap – it depends on you but for those time that it is really hot, a cap is a big help. I used it during our Everland tour and it saved me from the heat. 😀 Though, since #OOTD is important for the millennials nowadays, just do your mix & match.
  4. Face Mask – another not so important but can be useful in any way. I used my mask when I am sleeping during the flight. hahahah..
  5. Cookies – roaming around can get you hungry and buying foods anywhere might be difficult or expensive, bringing cookies or sandwich can save your tummy\’s pet. My tip? Book a room in a hotel that offers free breakfast. Then during breakfast, take out some foods for you to bring while you are touring around. That will be a big saving for you!
  6. Bottled Water – bring a bottled water from the hotel. Most of the tourist destinations have free drinking water scattered around the place and so bringing your own bottled water will save you from big expenses.
  7. Wallet – never forget to bring your money! Of course! You need to purchase tickets, foods and souvenirs.
  8. Subway Card – most of the places abroad have subway or train which will give you big savings in your rides. And so, make sure to purchase a subway card when you arrive in the airport. It can be purchased in the convenience store or there is a booth selling it. Subway is convenient to use. My tip? Book a hotel that is close to the subway and/or bus station.

So, plan your trip now! Check your essentials. And make sure that you will have fun! Cherish every moments until it last. 😀

P.S. Make up kit is not included in my travel essentials because I am not so into it. Hahaha.. I can go out without make up. But for those who cannot, kilay is life, you can add this to your list. 😉