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#TripMagSoloSaTaiwan: Hualien County

After that no sleep and no rest, finally it is time to claim my train tickets. A few minutes walk from the bus station is the Taipei Main Station. This one is for the Taiwan Railway Train.


Once I got my tickets (two-way), I went to the platform number specified in the ticket. When I arrived there, the train was not yet there and there were few people already waiting.

This is what the train looks like. It has vending machine and toilet.

In booking for the train, you will be asked to choose if chair or table. You need to be at least 4 persons to book the table.

We passed different scenery but everything is lovely. They really love nature a lot.

After 2 and half hours, finally I arrived in Hualien County. Since the station is just a few minutes away from where I will be staying, I decided to walk. Actually, I tried to hire a taxi first but the driver cannot understand what I am saying. Haha!


I arrived at Cozy House Hostel and since it was too early yet to check in, they informed me that I can leave my luggage. They were so helpful also in terms on getting around the place. They gave me tips and instructions on how can I do the Taroko Tour.

After I changed my clothes, I bid farewell to the staff and informed them that I will check in once I get back. I headed to the bus station which is just adjacent to the train station. I bought the bus ticket for NTD 250. Then I waited for the the bus to arrive. I was able to ride the 11:10AM schedule.

With my daily companion 🙂
the bus for Taroko

My first stop was Taroko National Park Visitor Center where I had my lunch.

Next stop is Shakadang Trail.

The odds of being a solo traveler. You need to find a way to take a full body picture with the view. 🙂
am so thankful for that lady tour guide who offered to take a photo of me

Third stop is the Yanzihkou Tunnel. The Swallow Grotto Trail can be found in the area too. But I didn\’t go because it was raining so hard and my feet was aching.

Then I decided to head back to the hotel because it was getting dark, my feet was aching and it was getting so cold. When I arrived, I was assisted to my room.

The room can accommodate up to three pax. But when I got there, I was the only one checked in.

When I got settled in, I went out to buy foods for dinner. I saw a restaurant earlier which is walking distance from the hostel. It is called Mos.

This how the hostel looks like. It is very comfy, safe and clean. You can really feel at home. The staff is helpful, accommodating and friendly. The location is near to the station and the restaurants & convenience stores. They have free breakfast which I was not able to avail because I departed earlier the next day to catch my train.

Time to say see you soon and thank you to Hualien County. Until next visit. I will surely be back because he place is very relaxing, peaceful and perfect for nature lover. Everyone (kids or adults) will surely enjoy the place. And when I go back, I still want to stay at Cozy House Hostel.

My train ride back to Taipei. Another 2.5 hours.


  1. Buy a ticket online ahead so that you can reserve seats. Check their website for the schedule.
  2. The train station is open at 5AM so be there before the time.
  3. The train is on time so be conscious. They leave as schedule.
  4. It is gonna be a long ride, you can bring foods if you want.
  5. Choose a hotel/hostel that is located near the station and restaurants.
  6. It is better to buy the Taroko Bus ticket since it is an unlimited ride. But the trips are per schedule so be mindful.
  7. You can tour the province by bike. Just check online for the booking and location of these bikes.
  8. Bring enough or more than enough cash. I am not sure if the establishments there accept credit card and definitely, it will be hard to exchange our PHP to NTD.
  9. Not everyone can speak or understand English. So prepare your sign language. If possible, ask Google ahead or your hotel staff.
  10. Have fun and cherish the moment. The place is totally breathtaking and worth it for the long trip.