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#TripMagSoloSaTaiwan : Northern Coast

Yay! This will be my 3rd and last day!

This is my no breakfast yet look! 😀

For my last day, I booked a half day tour for Taiwan’s Northern Coast via Klook. The tour guide will pick me up at the hotel at 8AM. So, I decided to wake up around 6AM to prepare myself and my stuff because I will be checking out as well.

At 7AM, I went down and checked out then took my breakfast. Before, I can even finish my sandwich, the tour guide was already there looking for me. So, I just brought my foods and drinks and continued eating in the bus.

Unfortunately, they picked me up first. HAHAHA!

Then, we picked up the other guests. We were like 8 or 9 guests. There were 3 other Filipinos with me.

The more or less 1 hour bus ride to our first destination started at Taipei Main Station (where the last guest was picked up).


Along the way, we did see buildings, bridges, establishments, even road construction and of course, nature. Taiwan is a clean place and I love traveling there because of the trees and mountains.

Our first stop was Chung Cheng Park where we can find the 25-meter Goddess of Mercy statue. The place also offered a great overlooking view of Keelung.

But before we reached the park, we passed the statue of Confucius.


When we got off from the bus, the tour guide gave some information and instruction before we were told that we can roam around.


Guests can get inside the statue, ring the bell, see the beautiful Keelung City, take pictures and buy souvenirs.

I just took a photo of the statue and decided not to climb up inside because it’s kinda tiring. HAHAHA!

Then, there’s me! 😀

Then, I went to the bell and again just took some photos.


Afterwards, the tour guide was back in the meeting place to pick us up and proceed to our next and last stop.

Just a couple of minutes away, we arrived in our destination, the famous Yehliu Geopark. It is the home of the Queen’s Head rock formation.


We were given an hour to roam around and take pictures. It was raining the whole time but it didn’t stop us to capture the beautiful place and that rare moment.

This is Tony Ling, our tour guide, giving information and instruction.
Let the tour begin… 😀

Why the place called Yehliu? It is because of these plants that grow in the area. These are called Yehliu. Its fruit looks like a small pineapple but pineapple tastes better.

This is Lin Tian Zhen, a fisherman. His statue was built as a sign of gratitude of the people in his heroic deed of sacrificing his life to save the kids who were drown in this ocean.
Remember always! Never cross or go beyond that red line. The rocks are slippery. You might end up falling on the ocean.

Since the park has been famous, expect that there will be many guest visiting here. Whether it’s raining or not.

And the longest line will be in the Queen’s Head. It will eat up on your time if you will fall in line to take a photo with it.
But we have a hack! 😀
Thanks to this beautiful and friendly lady, Joyce from the USA for taking photos of me and being my companion for this tour. A new-found friend that I hope to meet again one day. 😉

When the time was up, we met him again at the entrance then we headed back to Taipei City.


In going to and from Yehliu Geopark, you will pass the ocean, the mountain, the city. It is so amazing to witness the lives of the Taiwanese in this area.

When we were entering Taipei City, the guide asked me if I want to be dropped off in the hotel or if there is some other place that I want to go. I asked him if he can dropped me off at National Taiwan University or the Ying De Univesity in the famous Taiwanese series, Meteor Garden. Unfortunately, it’s out of the way so I decided to alight at Taipei Main Station so that I can buy some pasalubong in the mall.

I bid farewell to my new friend and continued my walking journey to the station. I decided not to go to National Taiwan University because my feet were aching already. So, I went back to the hotel to pick up my stuff then headed to the airport.