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Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal: Calinawan Cave

Supposedly, we will be going to Calinawan Cave on our Day 1 before or after Daranak Falls. But because of some incident, we were not able to do it and instead the driver told us to do it on the second day before Masungi Georeserve.

An hour away from our inn, we reached Calinawan Cave. We then registered and paid for the tour guide, helmet and flashlight.

Then the spelunking version 2.0 started. 🙂

obligatory pose before the adventure begins

Our tour guide was Ate Daisy (I am not sure again if the name is correct. hehehe) and according to her, she was the one featured in Rated K when they visited the cave. Wow! Sikat si Ate. 🙂

our tour guide na may pinaghuhugutan

At the entrance of the cave in Level 1, Ate Daisy oriented us and told us some facts. From what to see in Level 1, and 2 to who visited the cave to the number of visitors to the shows that taped inside up to the wedding that was held inside the cave. And she also said what is Stalactites (C for ceiling), Stalagmites (G for ground) and Column (when stalactites and stalagmites meet) and how long it will take to create these.

Level 1

Ok! I will not be spoiling you guys on what is the difference between Levels 1 and 2. I will be posting photos inside the cave. I hope my friends took lot of photos. 🙂

By the way, after Level 2, the tour guide will ask you if you want to proceed to Level 3-5 or just go out. It will take approximately 15 minutes if you will finish up to Level 5. And just like them, I will not tell you what to see inside because you should be thrilled and excited.


we survived Calinawan Cave with the circle of friends

Tips for Calinawan Cave:

  1. Wear your helmet all the time. You were given that for a reason.
  2. They are providing you flashlight but if you want to use your phones, you can.
  3. Never leave one behind. Always wait for others before proceeding. And of course, keep up on the pace of those in front. Make sure that you can see them.
  4. Enjoy the activity whatever you need to do.
  5. Listen to your tour guide. They know best.
  6. Wear something that is okay if it gets dirty. Though it is a dry cave but you can still get dirty.