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Tropang Laagan Goes Rizal: Tinipak River, Cave and Daraitan River

Hello Rizal! Yay! That most awaiting trip of Tropang Laagan has finally arrived. We had been planning about this trip since August (reserved the Masungi Georeserve visit) but booked our plane tickets last January. Because as we all know, the unplanned trips most likely to happen. Actually, no one was talking about it til January. Hahahah..

Anyway, what made this whole trip exciting is that some are first timers (both in riding the plane and going to Manila). I do not know why but I always feel excited for first timers and I feel happy that at some point I was with them on that trip. Other than that, we were so excited also for the adventure that is waiting for us. Actually not just one but more than one. 😀

After than one hour delay (imagine, our flight is at 1:55AM but still it was delayed), we were now off to Manila then Rizal.

waiting in the airport for an hour delay 🙂 walang tulugan.
finally, we were boarded and ready to fly 🙂

First on the list is Tinipak River and Daraitan River. Well.. Sounds confusing as I am too is confused if what location should I use if my mother will ask me or if I post in FB. 😛 But to make things clear, in my own opinion, I think it is Tinipak River located in Brgy. Daraitan which made that area where we need to cross through a boat Daraitan River. In short.. Mao na nah! hehehe..

There are two ways we can do this trek. First is the whole day trek at Mt. Daraitan then to Tinipak River and Cave. Second, is to ride a tricycle to the starting point at Tinipak River and skip that long trek to Mt. Daraitan. Well.. Mt. Daraitan is so beautiful especially when you are already in the summit because you can see the whole province and more. But, since this is just a side trip and we still have other places to visit, we chose the second way. Though if you felt that it\’s sayang not to try trekking, do not worry. Because basically you will still be trekking but for a shorter time (maybe 2 hours).

First thing to do is ride a boat at Php 5 per head to other side of the river. If you want, there is a hanging bridge where you can walk. But because we don\’t want to, here we are riding on the boat and helping these people for their living. Char! 😀

the boat that will take us to the other side of the river

After paying, you have to ride a tricycle on these rough road for 10-15 minutes to their Barangay Hall (1KM away). Then once you arrived there, you have to register, pay the tour guide fee and environmental fee. Once done, the tour guide will orient you about Tinipak River, Cave and Mt. Daraitan. Our tour guide was Kuya Garizalde (I hope I remembered his name right). A 5-minute orientation then we rented headlights and off we go. But before that, Kuya Garizalde told us that we have an option to walk or ride a trike to the starting point which is 2.8 KM away. Guess what we chose? Of course, ride a trike. No one wanted to trek but we were there to trek anyway! hahaha

width=559 Kuya Garizalde was doing the orientation

the trike that will take us to the starting point

After a few minutes… charan! This welcomed us. Thought this is just is but we were all wrong. That was not the one. We still had to trek to find that very beautiful spot and I believe, picturesque and instagrammable. If you think that this is beautiful already, wait til we found it! 😀



We walked… stopped… took pictures… recorded video… then those on the front will ask us to go faster because we are still far… and repeat.



width=2448 the spring water that anyone can drink


Until after more or less an hour, we reached it. And it was indeed so beautiful. I hope my photos could give justice to this. But superb!





the winning shot for that most picturesque spot

After that, we went on and met two kids asking for Php 5.00 for the maintenance fee of the bridge that will take  you to the cave. First cave of the trip. You should count how many caves we\’ve been to.

And then after a few more trek… we reached the entrance of the cave.

According to Kuya, we will just be walking inside (unlike other cave that we need to crawl) and we can swim at the end of the cave if we want to. Since my boyfriend is wearing a jeans so he decided not to get inside and Chinkee too. Well, they had a good sleep while the rest of us were inside spelunking.

inside the cave, this is the endpoint

After about 10 minutes inside, we decided to go out and to go back because… we are hungry! Oh food!

on our way out
we made it at Tinipak Cave

We trekked faster in going back. Good thing we were stopping at the start of the trek to take pictures because if you will have it on your way back, you will be tired and sweaty and hungry. Most likely you just want to walk and walk until the starting point.

Along the way, we saw Mt. Daraitan.

i think this is it 🙂

Then, after getting back at the Barangay Hall, we thanked everyone there and Kuya Garizalde.

What’s nice about this adventure is that it is being regulated and managed by the barangay. One can be sure that you will be taken cared of and that these people will be doing their job well.

Tips to Tinipak River:

  1. If you have limited time or you are not mountaineers, better choose to do the shorter way. Going to Mt. Daraitan would be a big accomplishment but it also requires you for longer trek and a harder one.
  2. Bring water. Though along the way there is a store where you can buy which most likely a way to help them with their livelihood. There is also a spring water  freely running where you can drink for free all you want.
  3. Bring something to eat. If in any cases, you will be hungry along the way, at least there is something you can munch. Make sure to keep your wrappers.
  4. Wear sunblock. Even though the wind is cold but that is not an exemption from being harmed by the sun.
  5. Wear light and comfortable clothes. If possible, that you can get wet if you decide to swim inside the cave.
  6. Bring only what is needed. Trekking with a heavy load will just add to your burden and make you tired easily.
  7. Follow to what your tour guide has to say. There is an area that the current is strong and falling is not a good thing to happen. Also, the guide knows the do\’s and don\’ts.
  8. Follow the golden rule. Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time.