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Unexpected #TripMagSoloSaGenSan

I have a business trip in Davao for a new project. The timing is right because it was a holiday after that. Since I really wanted to go back to General Santos City and visit my former officemates, I asked our ticket booking in-charge to book my trip back to Cebu on the next day. Good thing she approved and my boss also allowed me to. Lucky me! And the perks of my work. 🙂

And so, it leads me to my next #TripMagSolo Adventure. This time, I am going to General Santos City via Davao City.

I departed at Ecoland Bus Terminal at around 2:30PM. I chose the non-stop Yellow Bus Liner. The fare is Php 300 per person and the trip will take about 3-4 hours. Good thing is that the bus has a comfort room inside. It is very useful to people like me.

After 4 hours, I finally arrived at General Santos City Old Bus Terminal. My friend, Elton, was already outside waiting for me.

From there, we headed to Balay Ocho. A restaurant in GenSan that is owned by our former officemate, Kuya Meiji and her chef wife, Ate Meliza. We had dinner with another friend, Ayeng and her family.


with Ayeng 🙂


with Kuya Meiji, our former officemate & owner of Balay Ocho 🙂

The foods were all delicious and sold on a very reasonable price. Plus the ambiance is good. It is just like eating in you own house.

Then, we picked up and dropped off the special someone of Elton before heading to his house.

When we arrived, his mother (Ante Maria) and his nieces were still awake and were waiting for us. We slept early that night because we need to wake up early the next day.

The next day, we woke up at around 5AM because supposedly, I will try paragliding. However, we need to be there the whole morning which is very impossible for me because I need to depart for Davao by lunch. So, we decided to head to Kalonbarak Skyline Ridge.


It is an overlooking view in the middle of the mountain. An hour or more away from the city. The road is kinda rough and narrow. So better bring an experienced driver.

When we arrived, a staff will collect Php 20.00 entrance fee.



The place is very relaxing, can be cold if you are there early in the morning, you can camp for the night, foods and drinks are being sold in their store and just a perfect place away from the busy city life.


After there, we proceeded to Lemlunay Beach Resort in Sarangani. It is 30 minutes away from the city (making it 1.5 to 2 hours trip for us).

The entrance fee is free if you will dine in their restaurant. Otherwise, their day use fee is Php 100 per head.

They have a swimming pool, board games, swings, a beach perfect for snorkeling and diving, and a restaurant that served delicious foods.

with Yassi, Elton\’s special girl 🙂

At around 11:30AM, we finished our lunch and decided to head to the bus terminal. I want to catch the 12NN bus schedule because I want to make sure that I won\’t be late for my flight.

The bus that I was able to ride departed at 12:30PM and arrived in Ecoland Bus Terminal at around 4PM. I still have enough time to be at the airport before my flight.

That\’s how my short stay and visit in GenSan has been to. I will surely go back next year both to visit my friends and to try the paragliding. I cannot wait though. 😉