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We are only human!

That\’s fine, we are only human.

Is this what we usually hear when someone committed a mistake? That we are just humans we commit mistake. We are not perfect. We are not God.

This is true though. We are humans and not perfect. Very far from how perfect God is.

But this statement is so cliché and overused. It has become a justification that would allow us to commit mistakes. It is fine to be wrong because we are humans. It is acceptable to do something not good because after all, we are not perfect. This statement seems to pacify everything and comforts us with our mistakes. That\’s why, some is just fine committing mistakes. Even if it is over and over again.

Intentional or not, a mistake is always a mistake. And making us humans may justify that but it does not stop us from facing consequences.

According to Newton\’s Third Law of Motion, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Physics and science may apply it in other things but this law can still be applied in our lives literally. That in every thing we do, there will always be an impact or effect.

A good deed would impact a good result. For example, if you give food to beggars, they will have something to eat. But a bad deed would lead you to face consequences. For instance, if you steal something, you can end up in jail.

That is why we need to be thorough and we need to consider things when we do or decide something. Because whatever we do will always have an impact. It may be good or bad, but there will surely be.

Your rant in the social media may give negative vibes to others and they can create a negative image about you. Your actions could define who you are. Your decisions could lead you to something you should not.

And when things fail or fall, let us not blame it to being human and imperfect. But blame it to how you weigh things and decide. Do not justify your mistake and end up doing it again. Instead, think why you were able to commit that and what you should do so that you won\’t do it again.

A sorry without action is useless. A mistake may lead a person to ask for an apology. But the moment s/he will do it again only means that s/he is not sincere with his or her apology. S/he may just said it to feel better and you would let go of her mistake.

And know what, s/he did that not because s/he\’s human or imperfect. But because s/he wanted to do it. And most of the times, we did something wrong because we always wanted to do things that could lead us to that.

So the next time we commit mistakes, let us skip the part of blaming that we are human and imperfect. Instead, accept our mistake, feel really sorry for it and correct & avoid doing it. 😉

What do you think? 😊