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Weekend in Siargao

Have you watched the movie Siargao? Jericho, Erich and Jasmine did a really good job there. However, what\’s the best part about the movie? The location. It did define and show how beautiful Siargao. It might be getting famous these days yet you can still find yourself getting relax.

Right after watched the movie alone, I decided to buy a plane ticket to the island. I kinda missed it and so excited to see it. I have been there last May 2018 with some close people. But this time would be different as I will be traveling on my own.

Anyway, on my first visit to the island, everything was planned in advance. The place to stay, the tour to get, the island hopping boatman, etc. There were unforeseen circumstances but still we were able to handle it. We were really following the itinerary so that we can go all those places listed.

However, the trip this year is totally different. First, though I did book ahead of time the place where I will be staying, the difference is that the people I am sharing the room with. I booked a bed in a dorm type room of 3 pax. When I contacted the owner, she said that I am with a guy and a girl. But, when I got there, I found out that I am sharing it with 2 foreign guys. Yes! You read it right. Not just one but two guys. Imagine what would my mother will react if she knew it. Good thing, she didn\’t know about it unless she will read my blog. HAHAHA!

I was staying in a newly opened Morrocan-inspired inn which is called Riad Masaya. I love this place. It is like a home away from home. Where the owners (Manuela, Vanessa and Jonas) and staff (Ate Inday & her family) were very accommodating, nice and helpful. They made my stay so relaxing and fun. They even let me used their bicycle for free, invited to have lunch with them and gave me a free ride to Boardwalk.


Second, I did not follow an itinerary. Though I planned it a little and even have activities in my mind but still I am not pressured to follow everything. Everything was flexible. Let\’s start with a delayed flight. It was about an hour delay. And supposedly I will be joining an island hopping tour that will leave at 10AM. Unfortunately, I was still on my way to the hotel that time. Thus, I just requested for a refund of my down payment. Then, what did I do? I went to Bravo Beach Resort and had my brunch. I was able to stroll their beach after my lunch.


I went back to the inn and took a nap. I haven\’t seen my roommates yet. They were both out the whole day. In the afternoon, the owner let me used their bicycle. I went to Boardwalk, took some photos and strolled around. Then, I joined a beach cleanup that was facilitated by S.E.A Movement (Siargao Environmental Awareness Movement). Then, I rode the bike after that and went back to the island inn.

When I got back, I changed and chill for awhile then decided to go to Harana Surf Resort for the dinner. I love the ambiance, the excellent customer service and of course, the delicious foods.

Then that’s how my day 1 in Siargao went.

However, I woke up in the middle of my sleep at around 3AM because of my drunk roommate who just arrived back in the hotel. He was shouting and cursing until I guess everyone in the hotel awoke. He was calling the owner and complaining about who knows it even existed. Maybe he had a bad time wherever he went that night. And I was just lying on my bed and waiting what might happen. I am also waiting what my other roommate will do. Good thing! The staff was able to handle it and ended that guest leaving the hotel. Then the rain poured. And I was able to go back to sleep after chatting with Ate Inday and the other guests in the lobby. #disaster #oddsOfDormTypeRoom HAHAHA!

The next day, I was greeted by my other roommate and we chatted about the incident for a few minuted.

Anyway, I was scheduled to surf that morning. I would supposedly it on day 1 but it was low tide in the afternoon. Jonas offered me a free ride to the Boardwalk and suggested to go to Oh, Wow Surf. And I did.

I met Joe (who happened to be a cousin of my friend which I found when I am back in Cebu) and John then, left my stuff. The next thing happened was that I was surfing. It was my second time but it’s kinda different in Mati. I did not go through the basic lesson but we directly had a ride.

The difference with Mati is that there are more people in Siargao compared in Mati. Thus, sometimes you could hit other surfers or something. But it is easier to surf in Siargao than in Mati. The waves in Siargao is calmer and consistent. I know it’s for the beginners.

Anyway, both is awesome and I did enjoy either in Siargao or Mati. That’s the important thing. 😀

Chill na lang kay humana. Hehe

Meet Joe (left) & John (right) of Oh,Wow Surf!

Joe is the instructor while John is the photographer.

Me & my surf board. 🙂

Beautiful and calm place <3

Then I had my breakfast at Arka Hayahay then went back to the inn, changed and was invited for a lunch with the staff. The whole afternoon was spent chilling and sleeping. 😋

Breakfast at Arka Hayahay
Companion for the afternoon 🙂

When I was about to go out for dinner, I met another guest, Joy. She’s from Manila. We chatted for a few minutes before our trike arrived and went on a separate resorts. She went to Bravo Beach Resort and I went to Kermit Surf Resort.

When I got there, the restaurant is full. I was second or third on the waiting list. And their waiting time is about an hour. Yes. That’s how in demand the place is. I was told that I can wait in the bar and order a drink or pizza. I ordered Avocado Shake. It was served on a mason jar with a bamboo straw.

After an hour, I was approached by the staff and was asked if it is okay with me if I share the table with other customers, and that’s not a problem though. So, we shared the long table (they were 3 women) and I am alone. Hehe.

The restaurant is so busy. The staff is moving fast coping up with the orders of the customers. While the customers are busy talking, eating and taking photo of their orders.


I then met Joy after at the Boardwalk then we went back in the inn where again we were chilling. Manuela did invite me to join her and her friends hanging out but I had an early flight the next day.

I was picked up by the van the next day as early as 7AM and travelled for almost an hour to Sayak Airport. And directly went to the office when I arrived in Cebu coz I have a meeting. 😀


  1. Many tourists are coming to Siargao. Thus, hotels get fully booked easily. So, if you\’re going to the island, make sure that you book ahead unless you want to spend extra time and effort looking for a place to stay. Or worst, pay an extra amount for a bed.
  2. If you are choosing to stay in a dorm type room but does not want to be mixed with other gender, make sure to book an exclusive all-male or all-female room. However, I am not sure if there is a hotel offering that.
  3. If you are coming to the island by air, you can book an airport service for Php 300 to pick you up. The airport is about an hour to General Luna where most of the hotels and resorts can be found.
  4. Commuting within Siargao is kinda expensive. At least you have to pay for Php 20 per way in getting to where you want to be. And so, if you know how to drive a motorcycle, it is better to hire one during your stay. Aside from saving, you have the flexibility of going to wherever in the island. Or you can rent a bicycle. You can save and get fit at the same time. Plus, it is fun. 🙂
  5. I found an ATM in the town proper. It is kinda far if you are staying near the Boardwalk. However, some resorts and restaurants do accept credit card. Though it is still best to bring cash.
  6. There are resorts who organized different tours in the island. Be it the island hopping, Sugba Lagoon or Magpupungko Pool. You can reach My Siargao Guide or Kermit Surf Resort.
  7. Night out activity is present as well in the island. You can ask the hotel staff if where will it be.
  8. If you want to surf, you can find many surfing instructors offering their service in Boardwalk. The rate is Php 500 for one-hour surf board rental and instructor, Php 300 for the photographer and Php 300 for the catcher.
  9. If you want to explore the Boardwalk, there is an entrance fee of Php 50 per person so take all the pictures you want and spend more time to make it sulit.
  10. Foods in the island might be expensive but if you can cook, choose to stay in an inn or hotel where you can cook. It will make you save and let you eat what you really want.