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Why I left Cebu?

This has been a very long overdue post. 26 days late, specifically. 😅

On December 4, 2021, I brought all my packed stuff in boxes and luggages to the port in Cebu City, rode a ship and traveled for 6 hours to the island of Siquijor – my home.

Yes, I brought all my stuff. I only left the things owned by my sister. Though it\’s not a permanent goodbye because I will surely be back in Cebu (to visit my family & friends, and if I\’m bored & want to travel given I have budget haha). But starting last December 4, I am based in Siquijor. For good or not, I don\’t want to say anything yet coz my mind might change later.

So why did I leave Cebu?

Cebu has been my second home for more than 14 years. I started living in the Queen City of South last April 2007 for college. Since then, I only got to go home in Siquijor for a few days during holiday break.

It\’s hard for me to go home during college since I\’m a working student. I need to render hours of work in the university even if it\’s school break. And when I started working, I could not still go home more often because sometimes I\’m also traveling out of town. That\’s either for work or vacation.

So I usually go home for a short period of time. That\’s why I spent all of it with my family. That\’s also the reason why I can\’t meet my friends/classmates. Not because I\’m others or whatnot. 😔

Going home made me feel happy coz finally I\’ll be with my family. Leaving made me sad. There\’s even times that I would cry. But I didn\’t have a choice. Just then…

Until every time I went home, I would always say that one day, I won\’t leave the island to work.

And maybe, it\’s happening now. As of this writing, since I\’m working now here in the island. 😅

Anyways, lately, especially during the pandemic and when the cases were rising including my anxiety, my desire to go home was getting stronger. I wanted to be with my family and live closer to them coz it\’s hard to keep on worrying in a distance. Though my sister has been in the island for months already.

Also, it seems that I\’ve been in Cebu for a long time already. I wanted to go out, to distance myself for a while and to see what\’s outside. Living outside my comfort zone, something like that.

I think those are really the reasons why I left Cebu. It was not an easy decision since I\’m also leaving a lot of people that are dear to me. But this is not goodbye so we will definitely see each other again soon. For now, I\’ll be bringing with me the memories we had.

When I\’m close to leaving Cebu, I have been wandering what could be my life in the island. How could it be different or similar with my life in the city. Will I be meeting another set of friends or will I be just at home, sleeping? I didn\’t know. But that made it exciting though. 😁

I am always thankful to Cebu and the people in it. My family, my friends, everyone. It has been a journey that I will never forget. Cebu will always be a part of my life. It\’s like I\’ve been there almost half of my whole life.

Cebu taught me and shown me a lot of things. And yes, different types of people too. I am one blessed girl coz I have met amazing people who never stop loving & caring for me even we\’re islands away.

And yes, I\’ve been in the island for a couple of days already. Life here is pretty different. I cannot just go to anywhere I want because I need my father or my sister to drive for me. I would always tell my friends, I am not as laagan as I am in the city when I\’m in the island. I am home buddy. Haha

By the way, my friends gave me 2 months to live in the island until I will say that I will go back to Cebu again. 😅😂

Well… We don\’t know. It could be like that or not. But as of now, I\’m home. I\’m with my family. And it\’s refreshing to be in a place where I can hear the crickets, cows and chickens in the morning and feel the cold fresh air.

I\’m gonna be living my island life for now. If I\’ll be bored, Dumaguete is the closest city to go. Haha

So there you go! I think it\’s not too extreme reasons but then, I\’m extremely happy to be home. 😍