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It was one Tuesday morning when suddenly the power in the house went off. The lights turned off. The computer monitor turned off. The internet connection turned off. Everything connected to the electricity suddenly turned off.

Oh no! What had happened?

Upon checking the Electric Company\’s Facebook Page, they posted that there will be a power outage in the area from 8AM to 4PM. They will be doing some maintenance – changing poles and reclosers.

This is the reason why I should have followed their Facebook Page – to get this kind of information and won\’t be surprised.

It so happened that I have meeting until 5PM that day. As much as I want to just file for a leave but I cannot. So let\’s deal this. 😅

I have not been worried yet what to to or where to go coz I\’m more focused on my 9AM Meeting. As we were almost at the end of the meeting, my laptop finally gave up. Its battery has reached 0% and thus, it turned off. So I transferred to my phone and I made it until the meeting.

Then, the next meeting started at 10AM using my phone. I already informed my boss that I will go out to find a place where I can charge and work. I joined the meeting for a couple of minutes. When were good to go, I searched for a place where to go.

Work space in Cebu. Workplace in Cebu. These were what I\’ve been looking for. I even asked my friend if she knew a place.

Then I found Workplace Café near Parkmall Cebu. Php 250 for a day with free 1 round of coffee/tea. I tried this place before and yes, it\’s also a good place to work. It\’s your typical café but with people working or studying and there\’s booth for meeting rooms.

That\’s when I found THE COMPANY CEBU next. It is located in Mabuhay Tower in IT Park. Just next to our former office and so close to the house. And here was what I found about the place:

  • Daily Rate PHP 400
  • Printing & Scanning
  • Flexible Workspaces
  • Enterprise Internet
  • Multilocation Access
  • Unli Coffee & Tea
  • Huddle Area

Their Business Hours is at 9AM to 7PM. But if you have a dedicated desk or office, you can work anytime.

I then sent them a message in Facebook. They are so responsive and very accommodating. Supposedly, customers or those who want to rent a space must reserve a day in advance. But when I told them why I suddenly need a space, they let me rent on the same day.

We just need to fill up a Google Form then notify them that you\’re done. This is for them to provide your name to the Building Lobby Staff to allow you to get inside.


Since it is located in IT Park, you\’ll never get lost. They also have a branch in Mandaue but since I\’m close to IT Park, I opted to go there. They are located in Mabuhay Tower. The building is right next to TGU Tower, across Jollibee, KFC, Starbucks in the front side, and The Walk at the back.


When I reached there, I was greeted by Jai. She is so friendly and accommodating, and helpful too. When I told her my name, she looked for a space where I can work. Good thing there were few vacant spaces. She asked me if I\’m good with the place and when I said yes, she brought a chair to the station.

She then gave me a tour to their area. The whole floor was occupied by them. The other side was fully occupied but the space where I\’m at in still had spaces for more customers.


The pantry is where you can get their unlimited coffee, tea and water. Also, you can use the utensils, tableware and even the refrigerator. But you must make sure to keep things organized and to clean the stuff you used. The pantry also has an area where you can sit, dine, and enjoy the overlooking view.

In this side of The Company, there are 2 meeting rooms wherein 1 of them was occupied by other team/people from other company.

Then, I was brought to the other side wherein you\’ll be welcomed with the Lounge Area as I called it.

You can work from here too just to change your view or even take a nap.

On the left there is a table filled with company employees who are busy working and there are Meeting Rooms as well. In this side, there is also a little pantry and the place where I stayed during my meeting…



It is a small room that can occupy one person. I think this is also their server room since I\’m seeing an opey bay rack with switches and wires. (My Network Infrastructure mind was awaken. Haha)

I stayed there for my 2pm meeting and then went out after coz others might use it. You have to check with Jai if someone will occupy the room.

It also feels like I\’m in the confession room. It\’s cute. Haha

I went back to my workspace until I had my last meeting at 4pm and decided to call it a day.


There are plants every corner of the area too.

I felt excited and relaxed at the same to finally be working again outside the house. Though it\’s not really our office. Butbeing in THE COMPANY even just for a couple of hours made me feel the feeling of being at the office. Again.

With the different people who are from different companies that could make you feel like your officemates. Hearing some of them talking, laughing, eating at the pantry. Some would also walk so fast like they are in hurry of getting to their next meeting. Some would take it slow and enjoy the moment with their colleagues.

It\’s a new experience of an old feeling for me. Complicated right? Haha. But overall, I had fun, I was able to work well, and it\’s a good chance for a change of scenery.

I was also greeted goodbye by Mr. Sun as it slowly set and disappeared.


If I\’ll be asked if I will come back? Definitely, YES.

It may not be as often as it seems coz it is costly also but definitely once in a while. And maybe I can work with my friends too so that it would feel like we\’re colleagues for the day. Isn\’t that fun? 😊

So if you\’re looking for a peaceful, relaxing and fun working environment, check out The Company Cebu. You can find them both in Instagram and Facebook.

It is more convenient to work here or even study especially if you\’ll gonna take it for the whole day than doing it in a café where people would come and go and you cannot control the noise.


Thank you again The Company Cebu for this great unplann ed discovery! I\’ll be back again and gonna see you soon. 😍